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The Daily Miacis

Abstract nº 11

Spring, we are you? We want you! We need sun, and warmth, and flowers, and color. Come soon,  please!
Loved this t-shirt.  And it seems confortable.
Source : Friendly Oak
And what about this journal? It's make pitty to write on him :)
Source : Marysza 
Kukishop, a handmade jewelry, have the most cute acessories! Some of them looks like real food. This pea necklace is adorable!
Source : Kukishop
So, I'm on a biocosmestics thing (Sofia G.). Yesterday I went to a workshop which I will talk about it when I received the photos because I totally forgot my camera (what a head...).And, I will make a post about some recipes, with products that you have at home and so easily do it. I promisse I'll do it. I know last workshop I went, I told I would share some recipes, but I forgot to take photos to the risotto and the mushrooms I use. But I will share, wait for it :)
I found this tutorial to make lipbalms. It's way more complicated then the recipe I've learned yesterday. Of course, there are a lot of recipes for biocosmetics homemade, with a lot of variations. But I loved this one, because of the little touches like the Vitamin E  and the chapstick tubes. I'm really thinking about to do something with the recipe I've learned, with some variations. And I've learned a lot about essential oils. But that's something I will talk about other day. 
Don't this stamp makes you wanna stamp on everything?
Source : Paperpastries
Have a great sunday.
Sofia G. and Sofia S.

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