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The Daily Miacis

Abstract nº 12

So Spring has come, but the sun it's still hiding behind the clouds. And it gets worst, we have winter temperatures. Brrrrr...

This cat top it's absolutely cute. We add it to our buy-for-spring list.

Source : Aoki Store

This dress is adorable. It gives you a schoolgirl look, although you can wear it with a nice pair of heels and sassy it up.

Source :  KLING

Max and Chloe have this gorgeous insect necklace. We totally loved this one.

Source :  Max & Chloe

The brand Portuguesa has this handbags that complete your outfit perfectly. Aren't they amazing?? We just can't choose which color to buy first.

Source : Portuguesa

Hope you like our choices. Have a nice week everyone.


Sofia S. and Sofia G.

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