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The Daily Miacis

Abstract nº 27

Today there is no finds that we loved during this week. Because the only find that we loved this week it's pools, fans, air conditioner, and ice creams! Our brains melted along with the ice in our drinks, our fingers slide in the keyboard because it's so hot!!!!! The only news we have it's that we have a new member that it will pop up once in a while in here. Say hello to this litlle ball of fur (that it's melting this days): Tuc!
((if you follow on instagram @thedailymiacis , that only has the adventures of Sofia , you already knew)
First we named him Gandhi, them Ben, but now it's Tuc forever. Because he has a eyeliner on the eyes like the egyptians. So Tutankamon - Tuk. :)
Also, you may have noticed that we have some features that dissapeared like the book reviews on wednesday. We are about to re-schedule and transform some features so that's why we are a little altered on the schedule.
Ok, know we are off to some place fresh and with water.
Sofia S and Sofia G

Sou a Sofia Gonçalves, curiosa sem fim, 28 anos com muitas coisas que quero fazer. Ou estou no ginásio, ou na praia, ou em casa a ler um bom livro, ou a tratar das minhas plantas e animais. O “The Daily Miacis” é um reflexo meu.





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