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It was definitely a not week the past one. I had work all the time, and I spent the all weekend on bed. I'm not feeling well, I don't know why. I'm sorry I haven't make so much updates as I wanted to neither visit your blogs. Hope this week will be much better. At least I know I have some good news to tell you! :D


At least I could see a lot of movies, something I haven't done for a long time. I saw " Penelope", one of my favorites movies, not only for the story but for the theme: flowers and butterflies. I love the decoration of her bedroom and her clothes! I saw "Chocolat", "Ultraviolet" and "Brave". 

Talking about "Penolope" I like very much terrariums. I never made one. Ok, I'm lying. I have made one with mosses. But the thing didn't go so well. They died. I believe the mosses I picked up weren't so healthy as I thought, and everything died. But my mother is about to make birthday. Guess when? In the 14th of February! So original, ha? And I think I'm going to make to her a terrarium with a little orchid, her favorite flower, inside him. What do you think?
I saw this ideas for terrarium and I found they are so good! 

Source: Inhabitat

"A place for twiggs" is a blog of a lovely self-taught portuguese web designer. I have to tell, I find him this week, when I follow a link of a link of a link. But I'm glad I find it! She has the most amazing work! The most cute desings! She his really talented! And she even also has some free printables. 

I like very much tribal motifs. And this pillow is so perfect by the combination of tribal motifs with pastel colors. Don't you think?
Source: Little Attic Shop

This flats would match so nice with some jeans. They are so cute!
Source :  Blowfish

I'm not a fan of bright shoes, as I told you, don't like the shine. But this flats, are so lovely! Like so much the strips!

Source : Lulu's

I am very sad, almost no one answer to my pool. But that's fine, I will find someday, anyone who want's to change snail mail.

See you next time!
(Hoping with me with a better mood)

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