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Abstract nº 5

I know I have already talk about this lipsticks, but I just don't go hysterical every time I saw them. The lipsticks with cats it's the lipstick for me, but now it has also dragonflies. Probably the future self present of mine!
I love black cats. I had one called Kiss, and this purse made me thinking about him. Isn't it cute?
Source: Romwe
I think I have already told a lot of times I'm crazy about the Modcloth dresses. And this one it's perfect! I adore dresses with buttons and some square lines. And brown is my favorite coloer for dresses to wear on winter.
Source : Modcloth
As I said it here, I was exciting to see how my cats would react to catnip... but I'm still waiting for my plant! Still, Carrie Anne on The Little Big Blog, share an amazing idea how to create catnips toys for your feline friends! Once I have my plant and dry some of it, I'll try to do this one.
ARMINHO - Paper Ephemera Shop, is a shop of a couple from Portugal who makes the most amazing work... with paper and craft work. And all with recycled paper! The notebooks they have are beautiful and somehow romantic. I specially like this one with seaweeds. But they have more spetacular work, like canvas and labels.
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Source : Arminho
See you next time!

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