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The Daily Miacis

Abstract nº 6

This watch is just cute! Pitty it's sold out :(

Source : Asos 

Zyzanna has the most amazing work on illustration bags, broochs and other kind of things! You just can't be indecise wich is the most cute!

Source: Zyzanna

We just fell in love for these boots, who are for sure made for walking! The stripes just gave them some explorer look like. 
Source : Asos

We can make so beautiful objects to decorate home we so few and simple things. This butterfly object it's so beatiful to be on a living room, or in the hall of a home. Don't you think?

Source : Sweet Paul

Couldn't be amazed with this mushrooms made by Greedy for Colour. Don't they look so.. fluffly???

Cogumelo -Artesanato e Lembranças, is a local bussiness in Viana do Castelo, who sell handmade articles like cats (that are so adorable!), jewelry, little remembrances, and other things like this handmade scented flowers. And tulips, that remember us that spring it's almost coming! :D   

See you next time!

Sofia G. and Sofia S

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