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Abstract nº 8

We laugh like crazy with this diagram from the Scientific Illustration for the Research Scientist Facebook Page.
  Source : Scientific Illustratrion for Research Scientist
Isn't this vintage car magnet board  adorable?
Source : Mighty Vintage
Loved these thights with the printed beetle! Looks almost real!
Source : em tee see
Kin Ship have the most amazing printed home goods. This eco friendly t-shirt it's great to cat lovers.
Source :  Kin Ship
I, Sofia S., went nuts with this watch, my eyes did even glowed!
Source: Komono
For those who are totally nuts as I am (Sofia G.), for "Avatar: The last Airbender" series will get crazy with this hoodie.
Source : Wanelo
Haven't ever wanted to make your own perfume so no one would have an equal? Or think it's to much money you have to give to buy a perfume? This tutorial it's amazing! And we believe, if we  could do the essentials oils would be natural.
Source : Crunchy Betty
Sofia G. and Sofia S.

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