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Cats :: Sam I

Here in Europe the weather had better days. It's raining like dogs, and cold like hell. Tom arrives home totally wet, but happy because is free. Sam, as a true lazy home cat, stays lay down all day, everywhere with is belly up, or down.
Yesterday when I arrived from Porto, soaking wet and freezing, here is how he was.
Today I spent the all day at a workshop (I will tell you tomorrow a bit how it was; if you follow me on twitter or facebook you have some "tasty" idea), and I arrived with him very sweet. I told you, that he is not a very pats-looking cat, so when he comes to me looking for some pats, and sitting next to me, it's a party. I was with my boyfriend watching "Proof" on Hollywood, and came, sits betweens us, loving the pats, and then he sleeps a bit. And then it happens, this lovely photos, or I think they are lovely.
I love specially the fourth one, because it's seems is doing like some gymnastic, which is funny for a cat that was fat since he was little and looks like have a chocolate bar draw on his belly.
See you next time!

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