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The Daily Miacis

February Recap

Pheeeww... February flew, or is it just me? This wasn't a good month for me, I was so ocuppied and in the end wasn't so good. Let's see.
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What I read: 
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  • I finally made the poster in time and went to the IJUP '13. Everything went well, beside that only 3 people went to ask me things about my poster. But never mind, I'm proud of it and I win another lanyard keychain (yes!).
  • Speaking about my collection of lanyard keychains, my mother went to a congress and bought 6 more!
  • This month in had some time to draw. I lost the fear to try watercolour and I did fine. But I couldn't not draw an tardigrade... dancing Gangnam style.
  • I bought an bird feeder on the sales. Sam was very interested in him, but the birds didn't. I haven't seen a  single bird on my feeder. I wonder what is wrong? No bird use my bird house, and no bird feed on my feeder. Don't the birds like me because I'm a cat lady?
  • We received a new member to the family: Elias.
  • I was with the flu... Been bad like for 4 days! And in the end my body start to show others symptoms, symptoms of exaustion. But this will get all in place, let's hope!
Love,Sofia G.

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