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The Daily Miacis

Feliz Natal! Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

I want to wish a merry merry Christmas with all your beloved ones, including Homo sapiens and other kind of animal or plant. Yes, because it's a catholic event the Christmas, but above all is a time to forgive and forget, and to be as happy as we can be, but most important, the best present is the one we let in the heart of the others around us even if it has 4 paws or scales instead of fur. Let's hope that all in the world have the same luck as us, and think of all the good we have inside us and we can use it better till the next year and not at this time of the year.
The food is ready, the house is war, and there is music in the air, like this song that I love,played by The Piano Guys!
Sam is waiting to hear the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
Sam, I and Tom ( that is in the bathroom taking a shower....) wants to wish a Joyful Christmas to all that pop in here. And all in the world if I could just yell out loud!
See you Next Time! (oh oh oh oh !)

Sou a Sofia Gonçalves, curiosa sem fim, 28 anos com muitas coisas que quero fazer. Ou estou no ginásio, ou na praia, ou em casa a ler um bom livro, ou a tratar das minhas plantas e animais. O “The Daily Miacis” é um reflexo meu.



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