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The Daily Miacis

June Recap

And the summer has finally arrrived!Favorite Posts: 
What I Read: 
  • Disney Comics ( updating the new collection)
Movies & Series I Saw (new to me & already saw):
  • So this month I went to the color run and it was AWESOME!
  • I went to the Muse concert and it was unforgettable. Still have a lot of images in my head.
  • Speaking of Muse concert, my laynyard keychain collection grown by 2, one that I bought on the Muse merchandise ( so expensive!!!!) and another on the Color Run. It's against my ideal of not buying but this are keychains that I wont easily get anywhere, so I needed to buy.
  • I found an old collection I had and I went crazy, and started it again. I will speak about it here  on another day.
  • This month my pratical work on my master degree dissertation ended \o/ but now it's time to write!
  • I have so many new projects on my mind, I just pitty the day only has 24 hours! Some ideas that it will envolve the blog and some cute things.
  • The summer has finally arrived, but I got sun allergie this year. Not good. I was prepared to spent a lot of time on the beach... It's seems like I have to change my plans.
  • Remember last month recap that I told I'm waiting for my cervical cancer screening results? Still waiting.... I think this week I'll know something about it.
Sofia G

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