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The Daily Miacis

Monstly Abstract [1-12]::January

Hi! So this is the first Monstly Abstract of the year! I didn't realize, so stupidly, that this is a 365 day project! Hope you like :)
Day 1 - Enter in the New Year laughing about the past one.
Day  2 - Reorganize everything
Day 3 - Working for the dissertation
Day 4 - Sam so tired!
Day 5 - The workshop for the mushroom identification
Day 6 - A sunday for relaxing and drink something hot.
Day 7 - Back to the trips Viana-Porto
Day 8 - But this week was a littler shorter :D
Day 9 - Rain... a lot of rain!
Day 10 - A flower from my uncle garden, with drops from the rain.
Day 11 - Took this babies for their first walk.
Day 12 - Went sampling mosses for my dissertation.
Day 13 - Taking out the Christmas decorations :(
Day 14 - Working, working...
Day 15 - My t- shirt of Tardigrada :D
Day 16 - An awful night, only slept 2h30... So it was a blur day for me.
Day 17 - Tardigrade fishing again!
Day 18 - My cat t-shirt bought on Zara sales. Loved the effect :)
Day 19 - The "how to cook mushrooms" workshop!
Day 20 - My cousin gave me this brooch, that I ask her to bought for me on Springfield sales.
Day 21 - A little sun... and trying to take a photo to the rabbits on field outside my aunt apartment.
Day 22 - My friends on the lab, the microscope and the stereomicroscope.
Day 23 - Done some apple clafoutis, and eat just when it was ready from the oven... really hot to help fight the cold from the rainy day it was.
Day 24 - Lasagna....... yammmii!
Day 25 - Waiting for me at bed :)
Day 26 - Drawing something as a goal for this year... and for the blog revolution :D
Day 27 - I needed chocolat.... so nutella it's best one I had near me :D
Day 28 - Received this two sunglasses from Pepsi.
Day 29 - Working like a dog to finish my results to make the poster for the IJUP'13
Day 30 - Some of my samples were just full with mites :) But they look so fluffly with their hairs.
Day 31 - Finally, some sunlight!
January recap :
- Acording to my goal list, I really am trying hard to make this blog more versatil, and I think I'm getting it. I did bought science as I said it, but for a good reason, you will get it later.
- Didn't make so much exercise as I wanted to... but with the rain was impossible.
- I can say I save a lot of money, and organized very well!
- End reading the " The Christmas Carol's" and start reading " The First Jungle Book". If you want you can check on my Goodreads page :)
- I'm sad because the herbanarium, as I dind't walk so much outside, didn't saw so much flowers. But hope the weather will be better next month!
- Had a free cinema ticket (yes!) and went see the movie " The Impossible". So strong and human story... I was the all movie with my stomach tight, because the movie really tells a real story that... it's so impossible! I advise you to see it. It shows the real power of family love.
February Goal List:
  • Be less stressfull! I need to relax a bit!
  • Draw more!
  • Hope to catch more flowers.
  • The blog revolution!
  • Do a more healthy diet! Thinking start a day without meat.
See you next time!

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