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The Daily Miacis

New Look!!

Hello dears!!This weekend I decided to change my haircut and its color. I cut it a little bit and dyed it purple. YES!! PURPLE!!I didn't dye all my hair purple. Around the roots it's still my natural color, which is really close to black. The ends are a little more light that the rest.It was a bit of a drastic change for me, I was fearful but I end up doing it and guess what?? I like it!!Here's the result...
What do you think??
See you!!
Sofia S.

Sou a Sofia Gonçalves, curiosa sem fim, 28 anos com muitas coisas que quero fazer. Ou estou no ginásio, ou na praia, ou em casa a ler um bom livro, ou a tratar das minhas plantas e animais. O “The Daily Miacis” é um reflexo meu.



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