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The Daily Miacis

Portugal, my land

Today, it was a weird day, with a lot of adventures. Final: I end up without my car. Then I read a religious forum talking badly with not close but really xenophobia from Portugal. And I end up really mad.
My country has his flaws. Which doesn't? But I don't end up talking bad of the others (I'm really simmer from the inside). But I believe that one of ours flaws it's not to take and care and use it, what we have. We have so much. And you can see from this video that I really wanted to share to you. It's a reserve that planned the wildlife returning and perpetuation. And it was so well planned, at all levels of the ecossystems. And you know, when I start to see so much beauty we have, my eyes glows.
Hope you like it :) (you have to go to this link)
See you next time!

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