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Romaria Senhora da Agonia - Mordomia

Just yesterday we complained about not having time and not update the blog, and today I will flood this post with an amount of photos from the parade called "Mordomia" that happened today in my city. These is the first of the many parades that happen in these 5 days of celebration, to the saint of our city, Senhora da Agonia.
Mordomia, it's a parade where the costumes of the ladies from the high society mostly, are shown. It's a fiest to the eyes, the gold that you see it's amazing. And the suits are just beautiful! The diferent shapes, the diferent colors for each shape, the diferent combinations of acessories, it's just beautiful to see.
The weather today was a little bit cold in the morning, but by the noon, the sun started to show up. It's a great weather to walk with this suits, believe me! Some of them are extremely hot and heavy. But let's stop talking about, and show you some pictures. Believe me, I really had some hard time choosing the best ones. I took photos in two diferent places so you might see photos of some elements repited but are not from the same person.
The adorable blogger from "Fairystyle" was there also, dressed as it should be!
Wait to see the next post! :) Now I'm gonna get pretty for tomorrow!
Sofia G

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