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The Daily Miacis

Sam, the plants g(u)ard(ener)

    This is year I've been inspired to gardening and plants. Normally, I only help my mom, but this year I'm doing my own gardening. My boyfriend and I bought a little greenhouse to put on the balcony, and we fill it with aromatic plants, and nurserys for the new baby plants.  Some of them failled like the peppermint and the cactus seeds, but it seems that the problem wasn't ours but from the weather. We will try again now that the weather it's at a normal spring rate. Anyway, Sam likes to be on the balcony, get some tan ( like he wasn't orange enough...), "sing" to the birds that are on the roof and see me taking care of the plants. And what did I find out by accident? This cat, this odd cat, loves chives. Yes, he prefers chives to the cat herb that I planted only to him.
    He just don't pay attention to the cat herb, he just walk around my legs, begging for more chives.
     My greenhouse for some time was full of anise, because all the seeds grown up, which I wans't expecting and we have to transplant them to early. But, a lot of them died.You read this and think " So you haven't tell us nothing that went right". Not at all, the greenhouse it's full of life, such as my window interior sill. This year my cactus collection is growing. As I bought some new shelves (more then from this post) I have some places to put some plants. My wild orchid it's on one of them.  And my cactus are on the window sill, to be close to the sun.
 The anise at the beggining
The anise, two weeks later
Chocolat peppermin: it smells so nice
 Sam's Chives
 Front Plant: Thyme; Back Plant: Rosemary
    This last photo was from the first time a flower blossom on this cactus, that was the day before yesterday. It's so beautiful!This photos weren't taken all in the same day, so the cactus with the pink flowers are already dead. But it's here to next flowering. Yesterday I bough some new cactus  and some new vases. I'll make a post only about cactus  the cactus all around my house, next time. In the meanwhile, I have to be cautious because Sam can not be alone in the balcony.... He waits for me to leave the balcony, and then ZAS chives, you are mine!
I had to change the vase to the highest grid.
Love,Sofia G

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