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Sophie's Choice : Halloween Movies Part I

       Halloween it's really on our minds! So we are going to show you our choices to this month movies, and rate them from 1 to 5. It will be divided into to two parts because we have so many sugestions, that it's was too much for only one post.
        Our sugestions, vary from fantasy, to comedy and pure horror. Some of them are classics and some of them are recent movies. We hope you like it and we have you some cool ideas for this recent cold nights.
(from left to right; from up to down)
1.Halloween Series - 3 (IMDB)
2.Sleeply Hollow - 3.5 (IMDB/Trailer)
3.Hocus Pocus - 4 (IMDB/Trailer)
4.The Witches of Eastwick - 4 (IMDB/Trailer)
5.The Addam's Family - 5 (IMDB/Trailer)
6.Dracula: Dead and Loving it - 4 (IMDB/Trailer)
7.The Amytiville Horror - 3 (IMDB/Trailer)
8.Beetle Juice - 3 (IMDB/Trailer)
9.Interview with the Vampire - 4.5 (IMDB/Trailer)
10.Dracula - 3.5 (IMDB/Trailer)
11.Ghost Busters - 4 (IMDB/Trailer)
12.Van Helsing - 4.5 (IMDB/Trailer)
13.Vampires - 3 (IMDB/Trailer)
14.The Haunted Mansion - 3 (IMDB/Trailer)
15.Dark Shadows - 5 (IMDB/Trailer)
16.Hotel Transylvania - 4.5 (IMDB/Trailer)
17.The Blair Witch Project - 3 (IMDB/Trailer)
18.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 3.5 (IMDB/Trailer)
Hope you like our first sugestions! Wait for the next part.
With love,
Sofia G and Sofia S
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