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The Daily Miacis

T.C. 2013 [5-52]:: Red February

I hope I'm not breaking any rules of this challenge, because since I post my photos on saturdays, today is saturday, so, as it's February, I'll put a photo with something red.

This is going to be a shorter month, and full in the beginnig. I'm already tired just thinking about that! 

This picture has a strange history. You see, I have already been in London, a trip by impulse with friends. 3 days only, but we saw everything we could! We were so tired, that one day we fell asleep in the Queen Mary's Garden about an half hour! I took my machine, but in the exchange of the suitcase at last hour, I didn't took the recharger! So we had to bought a disposable machine... that we lost when we arrived Portugal. So no I don't have any photos from London,only a few from the first day. This picture is from a frame I have in my bedroom.

See you next time!

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