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The Daily Miacis

T.C. 2013 [9-52]:: Green March

First of all, I want to apologize. I had an feature planned for yesterday, and I already should post "The Monstly Abstract". But I haven't been very well fellas, this week my body as the doctor said "collapsed". So I have to go a little bit slow. This year, since had such a bad start and with the master degreee, I will not post more Monstly Abstract. I will share some photos, the most importante ones, and made goals for each season, but no more monstly because I probably will forget more times as this month. I'm sorry, I feel ashamed, but I promisse and if you follow us for the next year (hope so ... :D )I will do a monstly abstract correctly.

About the features it was my bad, because it was me that sould do it and I totally forget it. But next friday, it's here for sure, and a new feature also will start this wednesday, made my Sofia S. You will love it for sure :D 

So it's green March. Spring is coming, days are getting bigger, and the flowers are starting to blossom, at least the most corageous ones. But it's still freaking cold! I don't know about you, I love winter but this year it's harsh then ever.  For the nights that are cold, and when the wind whistle outside, I have this litlle friends near the window, to help me keep my room warm. So they have a spring color, but they only are out when it's cold, it's a little bit of a contradition. 

See you next time, better I supose. And with more features! :D


Sofia G.

Sou a Sofia Gonçalves, curiosa sem fim, 28 anos com muitas coisas que quero fazer. Ou estou no ginásio, ou na praia, ou em casa a ler um bom livro, ou a tratar das minhas plantas e animais. O “The Daily Miacis” é um reflexo meu.





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