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The Color Run Braga - Pt 2

    Prepare yourselfs for a picture overload! When they released us, it was a very slow beginning. There were a lot of people together. But then everything got fine. It was a fine day, the weather was good, the company better. Let's just enjoy the ride!
Us screaming "Vianaaaaaa"
    Whenever we saw a color station, we would run like crazy to it! In fact in one of them we all scroll down on the floor. It's pitty I don't have photos of that. Now that I think of, we didn't scroll down only on the color stations. In fact in the beginning, every little piece of dust on the floor was to be "cleaned" by us.
    In the course besides the color stations there was water, bands playing, cheerleaders, and huge MEO remotes!
This poor guys were so required! Everyone would hug them and take photos. 
 Here I'm Happy
    As I told last time, we dance, we run, we smile, we sing, we scream, we were like children all over again!
    Like super runners, we walk all the course, and only ran in the finish line. In the end, we were all painted. But was more yet to come! After the running it's time for the concert and the color blasts!
    And to write on the happiness wall! And to take silly pictures (yes moreeee) !
    At some point started the "Harlem Shake" music. It's was total madness, specially for the kids!
    I still have dust on some of my body parts, it just got out of my nails yesterday! If you haven't come to a Color Run it's hell worth the money that you give for the kit. It's a good waste of money and time! A good time to be with friends, family!
Hope there is a color run soon! 
Sofia G

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