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The Daily Miacis

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This week, Kuma from the blog "Virgulas do Destino" appointed us as a very inspiring blog. Thank you so much Kuma! It's a great honor to be nominated in such a short time on blogging! Really!

The rules are: 
  • Thank you to the person that nominated you and link their blog on the post
  • Put the seal on your blog
  • Share 7 things about  you
  • Appoint other bloggers with a link to their blogs
We have afraid to say but we are going to break some rules. First, we are two persons, so it's going to be 14 things about us. And second, we are not going to appoint other bloggers. And you wanna know why? Because every single blog that we read, or we see it's inspiring to us, it will always touch us in someway. So it would be unfair to select a few when there are so much. Hope you all understand, but it's the true. If we pump up sometimes in your blog it's because you inspiring us, and you know who you are :) 

So the facts are:
Sofia S:
1 - I was the one who named my brother
2 - I don't like balloons
3 - I love blunt people
4 - I love DIY stuff
5 - I still watch animated movies and cartoons
6 - The beach and the mountain are my favourites places
7 - I like to memorise the cientific name of plants and animals

Sofia G:
1 - When I was young I wanted to be like Sir David Attenborough
2 - I'm afraid of bees
3 - Since child I always had animals
4 - I hate selfish persons
5 - Once you broke my trust, it's hard to get it back
6 - I have a stupid fascination for butterflys
7 - I love to swim


Sofia G. and Sofia S.

Sou a Sofia Gonçalves, curiosa sem fim, 28 anos com muitas coisas que quero fazer. Ou estou no ginásio, ou na praia, ou em casa a ler um bom livro, ou a tratar das minhas plantas e animais. O “The Daily Miacis” é um reflexo meu.





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