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Fast Post: Tiny Little City Mushrooms

Yesterday, I went to my University to discuss some things I had to discuss with my dissertation advisor. And, as is christmas ( although the spirit doesn't feel like christmas, don't know why), I went with my cousins to spent the day at Porto, and go to the icerink that is now open (and free!). Let's make it clear: they went iceskating, I was taking photos and watch them, because me+skates it's not an healthy relationship. It was a good day, with some Costa hot chocolate to warm it up, and with a lasagna made by me to end it nicelly. But, when we we're walking to the car, we saw this little mushrooms that are on a piece of  land with some grass near to houses and the street, that is used by the dwellers to walk the dog to do some poop and some pee. But they still grown, and not one, not two, but three diferent species. I think that not even in the florest I find so much in such few space. The third specie I don't have any photo because I only took one and it was not so fine.
059060061Images by: SwacSee you next time!Capture

Christmas Cleaning

Our new cameraOur new cameraLike in this time of the year it's cold outside baby, and my mother and I are on holidays (let's rephrase: I'm on some kind of holidays, because the work never stops), it's time to clean that places that you put everything else there during the rest of the year, and it's getting a little bit full. But this year we decide to go further, to places that never saw the light of day. And the spoils found were a few. This old camera is not from our home as the old vinyl player, but they were imported to our home right away (eheheheh!). I just had to show them to you. We will treat them so fine, they won't even notice :PThe camera is a Olympia Big Royal View. It's in a awesome good state. We still haven't bought a photographic film, but we expect that she will take photos as she should.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
As to the old vinyl player, is working just fine. We have a collection of old vinyls, most of them french because my mother and uncle grow up on France. Stilll, they are as good as it could be. And the sound... It's nothing comparable. The first vinyl we tried was the one I wanted to year since I found their collection: The Muppet Show. Oh my, I felt like a  child when I heard it!
 (Tom was enjoying the sound as well!)
But this week wasn't only cleaning and packing. We also bought the Christmas chocolates as the food for the Christmas dinner. My grandmother gave me this chocolates from the store "Arcadia" that is a coffee here in Portugal that is also a chocolate house. And their chocolate are so.... yamiiii. This one, don't have added sugar, but the taste is good anyway.
And who doesn't like the butter cookies, that come on this so cute tin boxes?
Sam as always, is present. Never to help it's true. He, or sleeps the all afternoon or run and jump between the things that are scattered over the floor. I think he is so photogenic, don't you think?
The final founding was this collection of train tickets from my uncle when he was on the army. He made such a few trips.
IMG_3543IMG_3544Good old times. :)Images by: SwacSee you next time!Capture

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