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Feliz Natal! Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

I want to wish a merry merry Christmas with all your beloved ones, including Homo sapiens and other kind of animal or plant. Yes, because it's a catholic event the Christmas, but above all is a time to forgive and forget, and to be as happy as we can be, but most important, the best present is the one we let in the heart of the others around us even if it has 4 paws or scales instead of fur. Let's hope that all in the world have the same luck as us, and think of all the good we have inside us and we can use it better till the next year and not at this time of the year.
The food is ready, the house is war, and there is music in the air, like this song that I love,played by The Piano Guys!
Sam is waiting to hear the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
Sam, I and Tom ( that is in the bathroom taking a shower....) wants to wish a Joyful Christmas to all that pop in here. And all in the world if I could just yell out loud!
See you Next Time! (oh oh oh oh !)

Abstract nº 51

This will a huge abstract, because I saw so many things that I have to share :)

This week was a week of (rest)trip and work. As I said it here, I went to the Costa Coffee, and I love it so much that it will probably become my spot! But this week was not only tours and Christmas shopping, spending money. Yesterday was here in Viana, the Flea Market, a market where anyone can sell vintage or other stuff resaled. And I went... as a seller! I forgot to take my camera, but when the photos from the people who organized the event are available I'll show you. Let me say.. I didn't earn so much money. The truth is that the day wasn't the better: 2 days before christmas is a nightmare to resalers, because people don't have any money because they already spend it on christmas shop. And the event wasn't so publicize. But faith remains, and for the next that I'll go I hope for better time. And I'm thinking to make some handmade stuff made by me. Let's see....

As a really amateur entomologist I liked this hair comb. Is it not lovely? It would match perfect with my new dark hair colour.
Source : InsectArtSource : InsectArt
But what I loved the most,was  this real butterfly wing ornament and  you can take it for granted  that it will be mine!!! *.*
Source : InsectArtSource : InsectArt
But this embroided necklaces really warmed my heart. They look so cozy.
Source : KnitKnitSource : KnitKnit
As you all know very well I'm a Japanese Girl. I do have a huge fascination for everything that comes from that huge "little" island. And from the million things I love, the Koi Fish is one.  I have a Koi Fish at home, Miyzaki is his name in honor to the great animation movies diretor, Hayao Miyazaki. And then I saw this Koi Dreams Necklace  and I just felt in love.
Source : ShadeofaBonsaiSource : ShadeofaBonsai
So, I'm totally in love ( I fallin love so quickly don't you think?) with Modcloth and we will understand it in my 2013 goal list post.  This are my (last) treasures that I saw.
Source : Modcloth (1, 2 & 3)Source : Modcloth (1, 2 & 3)
This would be like a probably good dress for my dissertation presentation (gosh, am I already thinking in that? And at the moment I won't care about what I'm wearing)
Source : RucheSource : Ruche
Something is missing in this abstract... Oh yes I know. Things with cats! I saw this blazer and dress and my eyes glowed.Source : SummerlandSource : SummerlandSource : SummerlandSource : Summerland
I already ask this shoes to my boyfriend....
Source : ModclothSource : Modcloth
As this year that happened so fast is about to end, although the previsions were that it would end in the 21st of December, a new calendar is required. The first is so cute, but I think that the second one would be the most original,pratical and stress releaser.
Source : SummerlandSource : SummerlandSource : Urban OutfittersSource : Urban Outfitters
(I didn't find this calender on the website don't know why, but on the Keep website it shows that is from the Urban Outfitters)
I need new sketchbooks to draw and to something else that you will also see on the 2013 goal list, and I think these are so adorable. The first one I love the colors and the mushrooms, but as a butterfly lover since ever I couldn't stay indifferent to the second notebook.
Source : Urban OutfittersSource : Urban Outfitters
Source : Urban OutfittersSource : Urban Outfitters
See you next time!

Thoughts on Seabra Case

I don't like to talk so public about this kind of matters, where there is so much people with so much diferent positions and we can't pleasure greeks and trojans as we say here in Portugal.
But I just don't understand, really it confuses me, how there is people, specially in Portugal, that thinks that he didn't deserve the sentence he had, 25 years of prison is too much. Too much???? Did they heard the same news as me? Did they saw the same pictures as me? Did they live in this world and have some minimum decency in their heart? How is possible to think is too much to a man that kill and mutilate a men that did not hurt me, or if he did it wasn't so hard that he could not live in the same world that Castro lived in. No, I don't understand how is it possible to have pity on him. I have pity on the family, because of the shame and troubles they are going and will through. But pity on him?
I just had to speak my mind, because I can't believe on what I just saw on the news. Is because of pity on people like that the crime in Portugal is as it is. And the justice! I believe if this case was on Portugal, the judge would say that he had the mind illness at the time of the crime... He was perfect. What he had was frustation so inside him that turned into pure evil.Nothing more...
I just don't understand. It blows my mind.
See you next time!

Fast Post: Tiny Little City Mushrooms

Yesterday, I went to my University to discuss some things I had to discuss with my dissertation advisor. And, as is christmas ( although the spirit doesn't feel like christmas, don't know why), I went with my cousins to spent the day at Porto, and go to the icerink that is now open (and free!). Let's make it clear: they went iceskating, I was taking photos and watch them, because me+skates it's not an healthy relationship. It was a good day, with some Costa hot chocolate to warm it up, and with a lasagna made by me to end it nicelly. But, when we we're walking to the car, we saw this little mushrooms that are on a piece of  land with some grass near to houses and the street, that is used by the dwellers to walk the dog to do some poop and some pee. But they still grown, and not one, not two, but three diferent species. I think that not even in the florest I find so much in such few space. The third specie I don't have any photo because I only took one and it was not so fine.
059060061Images by: SwacSee you next time!Capture

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