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2013 Goal List

The Christmas is gone. The new year is about to come. After the money that flow in Christmas shopping, comes the sales time to let our purses completely empties.  But the truth is that we all wait for this time to buy that dress, or that jacket, or shoes with a lower price.  I already have try to spot something which turned into an adventure Thursday in Mindelo, in the Vila do Conde Style Outlet. They have every month, at the last Thursday, 80% discounts in a lot of stores. So, as I was going to Porto tand I took the cue to peek. And I was hoping already for some sale. You don't know my surprise when I arrive to the parking and there was a huge crowd, all waiting for the outlet to open. Even the television (TVI) was there. And discounts? Except for the Nike store, was everything about the same. Desilusion, desilusion.

This year I'll have to slow down a bit, because I spent my money on.... an iPhone! Yes it's truth, one of my dreams came truth ( my dreams are so little....). I bought it at second hand in the store Bus'n'tech but it's as new! And of course, the sweet litlle case. I bought it in Ale Hop, in Porto. Isn't cute?


After this wandering of a little girl, let's back to the topic.  This year is about to end, and a new one is about to began, it's time to revise the last year and see what we can do better and more for ourselves.In the blogs it's times for the "recap" post. I know, but as I only have half of the year I think I don't have a lot to recap here in the blog. Next here I promise to have a full recap :D I cannot have the recap, but I can have: the goal list. So here is my goal list for the 2013 year.


1|Save Money - I'll have to flow against the tides. Money is a rare specimen this days.  But I wan't to do some reasonable trip next year like across Portugal or go to the Comic Con in Paris!  And this one won't pass: I'll order some clothes from ModCloth. As other needs. So I'll start planning what I spent, note it and control myself.

2| Organisation is the watchword - I'll need it! Half of my problems come always by my lack of... planning! That happens for example with the blog, because I don't plan my time to write or as happened a lot in the beggining, I had an idea, but nowhere to wright it down. Now I have always a notebook and a iPhone. That's the first step. As the second step, I have already order the notebook from Close(t) I told you here, with the sentence " Some people dance in the rain, some people just get wet". And now I'm looking for some free templates with monthly view. If someone know about some cute templates, please do tell me!

3| Read More- Every year is the same. I say I will read more, but the year average is almost the same: about 6 books a year ( in a good year ). Since I enter to the university I slow down a lot my reading rate. Don't know why, I still like to read and there are always book in the store or in my father library, that I would like to read. This last year I had a good time in reading, mainly because I traveled a lot in the subway and to spent the time, I read. But in the end, with the headaches and the articles to read I stop again. My now with my new glasses I'll get inspired. You can see here what I have plan, for now, to read.

4| (really) Do more exercise- I think this is the most old new year resolution. I really like to exercise, walk, running... But the laziness or the tight time take over on me. This year I'll have to try harder (as always!)

5| Become less carnivorous- I cannot be vegan for two simples reasons:

1- I'm a biologist so I understand the evolution of our body, our organism. So I know to be a healthy person I do need meat, we did evolute to eat meat : our teeths says that, our digestive systems, our cells says that.

2- My mom and grandmom would kill me

Altough, I know the consequences also of the prodution of meat: the stress and bad treatment of the animals, and the polution that results of the animal production. So, I want to reduce a lot on the meat and eat more veggies and  biological/handmade food.

6| Start a herbanarium- I've been following so forcely The Dainty Squid blog, I love to read what Kaylah does, and she takes me back in a lot of posts to things that I used to do and stopped, God knows why, for some reason. One of that things is the collector part. I loved to collect things from the nature when I was a child. When I became a biologist I started to look the nature other way, as the doctor see life other way. I liked to see her untouched, which isn't bad. But there are things that we can collect as long is not in large numbers. So, this year I want to start collecting the flowers I see in my life, and try to identify them.

7| Draw and crochet more-  I don't have the talent I know. But it relaxs me and gives me pleasure to do that. And I know that if I practice more time I'll get to it as I want. So let's get to work!

8| Brin(g) more science to the blog - (an "g" is missing) I have some difficultie in scientific divulgation, mostly because I have on my mind people won't like it. But it's an shame because is a part of me, and I would like to share with you things that I know ( that's not a lot eheheh!) and I like. And so, I'll start a new caption on the blog entitled " The Scy-thing of the month"

9| The Mons-th Abstract - An monthly abstract - by pictures. One photo of every day of the month with a goal list for the next. This topic I believe will be one of the hardest to do but I'll try and it fits on my organization topic.

10| Finish my thesis - Yes, I want to finish before september so I won't have to pay for another year. And with a good grade. Let's hope!

So this are my goal list for this brand new year. I have one topic I'll would like to do but I'll keep it down until I'm sure I can do it :)

And your goal list? Is  it full of intention as my is? Or just hoping for the best to come? :)

Images by : Swac

See you next time

(Ps: I didn't give the news this post. It will be in the 31 that I'll say it)




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