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Parfait with lemon curd, whipped cream and berry cream

It's about time to post this recipe! I have to admit, it was a brave action of mine because I never made a curd before and, normally on party's you never do a new recipe. Otherwise, you can end without dessert!
The recipe of the curd I did like here. So you can copy the recipe of the curd from here. The only modification I made is that I used the juice from 6 lemons instead of 3, because my lemons where tiny. But the rest is equal. So here is the recipe. Enjoy it!

Parfait with lemon curd, whipped cream and berry cream

(you need to make the lemon curd and the whipped cream the night before you served the dessert)
Lemon Curd Ingredients:
- 4 Large Eggs
- 1 cup of sugar ( about 250 g)
- Juice from 3 large lemons ( or 6 tiny lemons as I did; it depends also if you want to taste more like lemon or not)
- Zest from one lemon
- 4 tsp. Melted Butter ( about 100g)
Use the preparation from here 
Whipped Cream Indredients:
- 2oo ml of cream
- 1 package of vanilla sugar
- 2 ice cubes
Put everything in a large bowl. You can put the mixing whiskers on cold water before you star to batter. Then start to mix everything, until you get the whipped cream. It needs to be so tied that if you turn down the bowl, the cream won't fall.
(put everything in the refrigerator about 8 to 24 hours. I let it about 12 hours and it was perfect)
In the day you are plating the dessert, you have to do the berry cream. I invented this one, so long the measures are not so specific. I did because I thought it was missing some flavour in the recipe, and to contrast with the sour from the lemons and the sweet from the whipped cream and buttercookies, it was missing something acid and sweet at the same time. But, this part even you have to do it along with what you want and what you have. If the berrys are fresh probably they will leak more water so you don't need more liquids as I did. But I'll put the recipe and you can try yourself. I can promisse: it's good!
Berry Cream Ingredients:
- 250 g of frozen Berrys
- 200 g of condensed milk (half of a can)
- 150 ml of Amareto liqueur
- 1 unflavoured gelatine sheet
- You take the fronzen berrys and start to blend them with the condensed milk and the liqueur. Go slowly because the frozen berrys won't be easy to turn on to cream. When it turns to the cream consistence, see if it is sweet enough. In a cup with a few hot water (like 2 tps) mix the gelatine sheet and add it to the berry cream.
- After the curd and the cream ready, it's time to plate. First, you need a lot of buttercookies, to crumble them. Don't crumble to much, you don't want it to look like dust.
- You make the layers as you want. I did by this sequence - Whipped Cream (few); Cookies; Lemon Curd; Berry Cream; Lemon Curd; Cookies; Whipped Cream ( a lot)
- Then you can decorate! I decorate with lemon zest and almonds.
Hope you like it. Here at home, it vanished!
See you next time!

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