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T.C. 2013 [3-52]:: Blue January

Say hello to my little friend: Tardigrades! :D This shirt it's not angel blue, I know, but it's caribbean blue. I remember it when I ordered on the Tardigrada Simposium last summer, the lady saying that there was a new color for this shirt, that was this one. I like it and I ordered it. You don't imagine the time it was since I ordered till I get it,  and the mess like e-mails sent to the wrong Nelson (the last name of the lady). Really weird the Nelson to whom I sent the wrong e-mail. 

(I'm sorry for my face, and my clumsy hair. It was morning, an awful morning, so I get some excuse)

See you next time!

Mi-Collector:: Lanyard Keychains

This post was to be on Tuesday, but this was an awkward week. I wasn't so ocuppied as I used to, but I've got a little problem: I'm starting to suffer from anticipation. You see, I have this flaw (you can call it that), that when something big is about to happen and I have to wait a lot or I can't control it or something depends a lot on that... I start to be anxious, and how it affects me? My heart bit start to speed up and my sleep goes to hell, literally. Nights like from tuesday to wednesday when I sleep 2h30, and a very light sleep. I want to calm me, I really try, but it's hard. I really need to start doing some martial art or yoga, to help me relax a bit.
Anyway, this post was for me to talk you about one of my sides since I was kid. I'm a collector. I'm not a hoarder, no. At the present, I slow down a bit, because of  a little problem called space, but I like to collect a lot of things, specially things from nature. Shells, feathers, flowers/plants (which I start an herbanarium as I said here), peebles, and so one. But I collect other things that I will show you in the future. I can say that my greatest collection so far was DVD movies. Yes, really big, about 200 movies! But I started to see that most of them I saw the movie once., and as I told, the space problem. So I started to sell almost of them, only the specials I am keeping (if it happen some of you want to buy, speak to me). My oldest collection I can say, is the BD Books. My Uncle started when he was a teenager, he passed them to me (althought half of them were lost with a flood) and I grew the collection. I can say, it's my dearest collection.
One of the few things I like to collect is lanyard keychains (this is nothing nature like...). As in a lot of aspects of my life, I do things without even knowing. This all started with a friend of mine, who also collets lanyard keychains. She said that she wanted some to her collection, but I had already a lot of them, and I didn't wanted to "throw" them away. There you got, I was collecting them! Ok, the collection of my friend is still bigger then mine, but she started way before me. And she is crazy for this keychains! (totally :D).
What's the big thrill about collectiong lanyard keychains? You can get them... for free! The challenge is to go anywhere, where someone is giving a lanyard keychain. And you can   steal from some people (that you know of course!).
I only bought one (the blue thinner one from the first picture),because is from a protected zone near my home, called Lagoa de Bertiandos, that does a great job taking care of that place, and I bought it to help a little bit. And it has a little frog!
Hope you like my little collection, thas is always aspiring to grow. If you have some in home, and that just happens that you don't collect them, don't throw them away, send them to me. I'll promisse you, I'll give them a nice hom :)
See you next time!

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