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Abstract nº 3

Yesterday I went to a workshop to learn how to produce mushrooms at home, and some ways to cook them. When I'll receive the recipes I'll do some of them, and share it with you. Yesterday, a chef from the restaurante "T4" in Braga, cooked bruchetas, tomatos filled with mushrooms, and a risotto with to type of mushrooms. About the prodution, it will take 6 months from now , and then I'll share with you how to produce it and the results. I don't want to tell know because I want to see the results, if I didn't make nothing wrong.

This brooch I bought this week on Springfield, has a little history. It was on the stores some time before my birthday, and I wanted to give it to me as a little present. But as I'm not very luck, it disappeared. But now on sales it came back, and less expensive, something that it's always wellcome.

Sales times are still here. Shana has cute clothes. For example, I don't like to see myself wearing leggings, and Shana had ones that I felt frelly to wear them. And I loved this shirt, with this little owls. 

Source : Shana

This shoes seems very confortable, with very neutral colors, and with butterflies, which turns them so beautiful.


Polli has the most wonderful work in wood, and it's a company very environmental responsability with a low footprint. I think we should bought more to this types of companies/enterprises because his effort to do great job and knowing it's place in our planet, it's something that should be more valued. Don't you think their work it's great?

Source : Polli

I think I've told you a lot of times, I like to draw. But the problem is I don't draw very well, and sometimes I'm afraid to look stupid drawing something that does not look like a draw. So, I love and stay wordless (and sometimes with some envy... but nothing bad ehehehe ) when I see illustrations from wonderful and great illustrators. Kris, has cute illustrations, and you can see only by her work that she also a cat lover.

Source : Kris Atomic

I'm portuguese, right? And spite the problems and stupidities it exists here, I like my country. So, I have to share the great talents that we have here. A friend of mine, presented to me this page. I stayed mesmerized with their work. It's a group of illustrators that created a lot of clothes and decorations for home, and other stuffs, with illustrations of some fairy tales or some well know portuguese personalities as Fernando Pessoa. Check their page, I garanti you, you won't be indiferent. If you have a child and you are decoration his bedroom they have the most lovely things.

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Source : Princess Pea

See you next time!

Cats :: Sam I

Here in Europe the weather had better days. It's raining like dogs, and cold like hell. Tom arrives home totally wet, but happy because is free. Sam, as a true lazy home cat, stays lay down all day, everywhere with is belly up, or down.
Yesterday when I arrived from Porto, soaking wet and freezing, here is how he was.
Today I spent the all day at a workshop (I will tell you tomorrow a bit how it was; if you follow me on twitter or facebook you have some "tasty" idea), and I arrived with him very sweet. I told you, that he is not a very pats-looking cat, so when he comes to me looking for some pats, and sitting next to me, it's a party. I was with my boyfriend watching "Proof" on Hollywood, and came, sits betweens us, loving the pats, and then he sleeps a bit. And then it happens, this lovely photos, or I think they are lovely.
I love specially the fourth one, because it's seems is doing like some gymnastic, which is funny for a cat that was fat since he was little and looks like have a chocolate bar draw on his belly.
See you next time!

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