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Abstract nº 8

We laugh like crazy with this diagram from the Scientific Illustration for the Research Scientist Facebook Page.
  Source : Scientific Illustratrion for Research Scientist
Isn't this vintage car magnet board  adorable?
Source : Mighty Vintage
Loved these thights with the printed beetle! Looks almost real!
Source : em tee see
Kin Ship have the most amazing printed home goods. This eco friendly t-shirt it's great to cat lovers.
Source :  Kin Ship
I, Sofia S., went nuts with this watch, my eyes did even glowed!
Source: Komono
For those who are totally nuts as I am (Sofia G.), for "Avatar: The last Airbender" series will get crazy with this hoodie.
Source : Wanelo
Haven't ever wanted to make your own perfume so no one would have an equal? Or think it's to much money you have to give to buy a perfume? This tutorial it's amazing! And we believe, if we  could do the essentials oils would be natural.
Source : Crunchy Betty
Sofia G. and Sofia S.

T.C. 2013 [8-52]:: Red February

Hi everyone!! 

For this week Red February I brought you a painted cotton sheet that I did and that it's usually used on baby wheels or just to clean up when the baby burps and presents you with a gift :)

The next item I brought it's a earing, also hand-made. And I say a earing (single) because I'm pretty sure that Jacqueline has the other one cause I can't find it in my jewels box. I did it a few years ago, so it's very very simple but it's RED ;)

And the last piece it's a knitted circle scarf. It's hand-made but it was a gift to me. It's cotton, really warm and it's trending ^^

So that's it for Red February. Next week we'll start another month and with that another color: Green. 

Hope you like the pics I brought to you today.


Sofia S.

Projects :: Crochet Part I

I was expecting to start the new features this week but this week was a not good one, has the most this last times. I'm sick, the work on the lab it's delayed, and no one sang soft kitty to me while I put Vapor Rub on my chest, clokwise. But it's been serving for something... I've been reading wich is good. Actually I've been doing a lot of things I said in here, like drawing. Finally I lost my fear to try watercolor, and the final result came out to be not bad as I was forecasting.
For a long time, I've been talking about crochet, and that I would show something, but I haven't shown nothing till now.So this is the day. I was hoping to be ended but I haven't got the time to go to the store where I buy my yarn to buy more wool to end this last phase of the work.
First, things first. Why I started crocheting? Because I always loved handmade stuff, and crochet was one of them that to me is more easier to learn and do. I've already learn arraiolos, a tradicional type of portuguese embroidery more known for their tapestry. I always wanted to learn cross sticht, but I haven't learn until someday. For now, I'm crocheting.
I wanted to make a blanket, but I didn't wanted to make the same mistake has I did when I started with the arraiolos ( I start with a big tapestry with 1,5 m x2 m), so I started with something little and with grannys, my favorite crochet pattern: a pillow.
I used a yarn suitable for baby blankets. They are more expensive, it's true, but they are softer, and I thought, if it is a pillow it to lay your head on it, right? So something softer it's wellcome. I choose this colors, because brown it's my favorite one, and it matches with the living room decoration.
The flower granny pattern I used the one from Tilie tulip.
I used to join the squares the single crochet method with the dark brown. I'm still choosing wich side will be on the pillow, because I like more the upside down side, as you can see by the pictures.
After I join the squares I made one round of single crochet , and two rounds of double crochet. Then, to change a bit, I made the Bullion stitch. I like it very much, altought it's a tought one to do.
So this one it's in hold, until I have enough yarn to end it. But I already started a new one, to give to my boyfriend, that by the way, helped me to make the new desing of the blog, so thank you my love.
I draw this pattern on Excel, choosing the colors more similar to the yarns I have and to the real Mario colors or at least as I think that are his real colors. If you check on google, you will find a lot of Marios with wrong colors. I'm not making the first Mario (8 bits), wich the overalls are red and the shirt is blue. It will be granny squares, except the the black frame, I think I will do double crochet. When it's finished I'll show you. And the next project will be... amigurumis!
Hope you like it, I'm not an expert, but I think I'll do fine.
Sofia G.

Abstract nº 7

So this was one of the first week of this year withou rain everyday! It's so good.....

This strap heels shoes aren't gorgeous? The Spring Collection of Kling, it's adorable!

Source : Kling

Peggy Skemp, has jewelry with the true designs of anatomicals parts. But they look amazing!The most cute  are the Oligodendrocite Necklace and this octupus tentacle.

We are crazy for anime, specially me Sofia G. for the movies from the Studio Ghibli. Zippo always had great lighters collections, and the one's from the Studio Ghibli collection, couldn't be diferent. 

Source : TokyoZippo

As regular book readers, bookmarks are a useful tool. If you look all over the internet, there are a lot of free printable bookmarks. This one, are with cats, and you can draw or write what you want on them. And the four have diferent faces expressions :) 

Source : Mr.Printables

Life on the Balcony, have great ideas and tutorials for gardening. This mini terrarium with cactus it's an adorable ideia for recycling some empty tin boxes, like those ones from breath candy's.

This doormat with mushrooms it's so cute! It would be hard to clean our shoes on him :)

Source : Modcloth


Sofia G. and Sofia S.

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