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Abstract nº 5

I know I have already talk about this lipsticks, but I just don't go hysterical every time I saw them. The lipsticks with cats it's the lipstick for me, but now it has also dragonflies. Probably the future self present of mine!
I love black cats. I had one called Kiss, and this purse made me thinking about him. Isn't it cute?
Source: Romwe
I think I have already told a lot of times I'm crazy about the Modcloth dresses. And this one it's perfect! I adore dresses with buttons and some square lines. And brown is my favorite coloer for dresses to wear on winter.
Source : Modcloth
As I said it here, I was exciting to see how my cats would react to catnip... but I'm still waiting for my plant! Still, Carrie Anne on The Little Big Blog, share an amazing idea how to create catnips toys for your feline friends! Once I have my plant and dry some of it, I'll try to do this one.
ARMINHO - Paper Ephemera Shop, is a shop of a couple from Portugal who makes the most amazing work... with paper and craft work. And all with recycled paper! The notebooks they have are beautiful and somehow romantic. I specially like this one with seaweeds. But they have more spetacular work, like canvas and labels.
1, 2 & 3
Source : Arminho
See you next time!

Monstly Abstract [1-12]::January

Hi! So this is the first Monstly Abstract of the year! I didn't realize, so stupidly, that this is a 365 day project! Hope you like :)
Day 1 - Enter in the New Year laughing about the past one.
Day  2 - Reorganize everything
Day 3 - Working for the dissertation
Day 4 - Sam so tired!
Day 5 - The workshop for the mushroom identification
Day 6 - A sunday for relaxing and drink something hot.
Day 7 - Back to the trips Viana-Porto
Day 8 - But this week was a littler shorter :D
Day 9 - Rain... a lot of rain!
Day 10 - A flower from my uncle garden, with drops from the rain.
Day 11 - Took this babies for their first walk.
Day 12 - Went sampling mosses for my dissertation.
Day 13 - Taking out the Christmas decorations :(
Day 14 - Working, working...
Day 15 - My t- shirt of Tardigrada :D
Day 16 - An awful night, only slept 2h30... So it was a blur day for me.
Day 17 - Tardigrade fishing again!
Day 18 - My cat t-shirt bought on Zara sales. Loved the effect :)
Day 19 - The "how to cook mushrooms" workshop!
Day 20 - My cousin gave me this brooch, that I ask her to bought for me on Springfield sales.
Day 21 - A little sun... and trying to take a photo to the rabbits on field outside my aunt apartment.
Day 22 - My friends on the lab, the microscope and the stereomicroscope.
Day 23 - Done some apple clafoutis, and eat just when it was ready from the oven... really hot to help fight the cold from the rainy day it was.
Day 24 - Lasagna....... yammmii!
Day 25 - Waiting for me at bed :)
Day 26 - Drawing something as a goal for this year... and for the blog revolution :D
Day 27 - I needed chocolat.... so nutella it's best one I had near me :D
Day 28 - Received this two sunglasses from Pepsi.
Day 29 - Working like a dog to finish my results to make the poster for the IJUP'13
Day 30 - Some of my samples were just full with mites :) But they look so fluffly with their hairs.
Day 31 - Finally, some sunlight!
January recap :
- Acording to my goal list, I really am trying hard to make this blog more versatil, and I think I'm getting it. I did bought science as I said it, but for a good reason, you will get it later.
- Didn't make so much exercise as I wanted to... but with the rain was impossible.
- I can say I save a lot of money, and organized very well!
- End reading the " The Christmas Carol's" and start reading " The First Jungle Book". If you want you can check on my Goodreads page :)
- I'm sad because the herbanarium, as I dind't walk so much outside, didn't saw so much flowers. But hope the weather will be better next month!
- Had a free cinema ticket (yes!) and went see the movie " The Impossible". So strong and human story... I was the all movie with my stomach tight, because the movie really tells a real story that... it's so impossible! I advise you to see it. It shows the real power of family love.
February Goal List:
  • Be less stressfull! I need to relax a bit!
  • Draw more!
  • Hope to catch more flowers.
  • The blog revolution!
  • Do a more healthy diet! Thinking start a day without meat.
See you next time!

T.C. 2013 [5-52]:: Red February

I hope I'm not breaking any rules of this challenge, because since I post my photos on saturdays, today is saturday, so, as it's February, I'll put a photo with something red.

This is going to be a shorter month, and full in the beginnig. I'm already tired just thinking about that! 

This picture has a strange history. You see, I have already been in London, a trip by impulse with friends. 3 days only, but we saw everything we could! We were so tired, that one day we fell asleep in the Queen Mary's Garden about an half hour! I took my machine, but in the exchange of the suitcase at last hour, I didn't took the recharger! So we had to bought a disposable machine... that we lost when we arrived Portugal. So no I don't have any photos from London,only a few from the first day. This picture is from a frame I have in my bedroom.

See you next time!

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