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Abstract nº 7

So this was one of the first week of this year withou rain everyday! It's so good.....

This strap heels shoes aren't gorgeous? The Spring Collection of Kling, it's adorable!

Source : Kling

Peggy Skemp, has jewelry with the true designs of anatomicals parts. But they look amazing!The most cute  are the Oligodendrocite Necklace and this octupus tentacle.

We are crazy for anime, specially me Sofia G. for the movies from the Studio Ghibli. Zippo always had great lighters collections, and the one's from the Studio Ghibli collection, couldn't be diferent. 

Source : TokyoZippo

As regular book readers, bookmarks are a useful tool. If you look all over the internet, there are a lot of free printable bookmarks. This one, are with cats, and you can draw or write what you want on them. And the four have diferent faces expressions :) 

Source : Mr.Printables

Life on the Balcony, have great ideas and tutorials for gardening. This mini terrarium with cactus it's an adorable ideia for recycling some empty tin boxes, like those ones from breath candy's.

This doormat with mushrooms it's so cute! It would be hard to clean our shoes on him :)

Source : Modcloth


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