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Abstract nº 13

Easter it's already here. And it's time to go crazy for....  chocolate eggs! Yami! 

We loved this dress that Cat from the blog " From Someone in Love" made. Isn't adorable? It's just perfect. She makes clothes, for Dookielicious. And they are beautiful! So special, diferent and beautiful.

What about this DIY to make "to go" mason jar glasses, that Amanda from Little Lady Little City shared? For the summer it's a perfect idea, to drink some cold tea while we are reading something in the sun, or blogging.

Cazz from "Nerd Burguer", makes the most funy brooches and bow within the theme comic books. What a world! She's totally an heroin of mine (Sofia G). I would love to have the shelf she has full of comic books. It's a dream to come true for me. She has the most adorable jewellery. 

We saw this on the internet but we don't know the true source, sorry. As "Game of Thrones" fans, we had to share, because as we are in the time of eggs, we wouldn't mind to have eggs like these. With real dragons, please.

 Happy Easter everyone!!!



Sofia G. and Sofia S.

T.C. 2013 [13-52]:: Green March

    Today it's the last photo from Green March! And as you can see a lot of amphibians pass here by (12... not so much amphibians). If the weather was better probably more flowers would appear, but probably more amphibians or reptiles would also appear. But we have to stick to what we have.

    This photo was taken in 2011, in the Casa Andersen, Porto, when I went to a workshop of Biological Illustration. During the workshop we had a walk trhought the garden, and stop were this little amphibians were. This Tritão Marmoreado (Triturus marmoratus) it's a female, and was very patience for this photshoot. And we can see that it's not the only green. My nails are also green, and you can see right behind the triton.


Sofia G

Google Reader

    We are going to make this quick because this is sad enough already.
    It's seems that google reader it's about to end, which turns our world upside down. It's really handy. But we have to live, and so while nothing better comes we need to handle ourselves to don't lost what we read from the blogs we love, and of course, for you not to miss a thing about The Daily Miacis.
    So the hypotheses for you to follow us, are:
 Here are the places where we share our posts, and you can see them easily.
Sofia G and Sofia S

What did I learn?

    This post is going to be a little bit strange, because I'm going to share you a recipe to tell you in the end that sucks. Yes, that's right!
    A few weekends ago, my boyfriend and I were watching "Masterchef Australia". I haven't seen it before, so I thought it was so funny that they had lessons, and they share to the public a lot of nice tricks for cooking. And recipes! So they where teaching how to made the best, the tastier.....fried potatoes. A thing so simple as chips. We ended the program with so hungry for chips, that we promissed that we would try the nice trick that they showed. You wouldn't imagine the disappointment we had when we did it.
The (not) best fried potatoes
- Potatoes (has much has you like)
- Peanut or Sunflower Oil
- Water
1 - Wash, clean and cut the potatoes in the form of thoothpicks ( I like them thing but in this recipe they made really large toothpicks, like a potatoe made 4 toothpicks).
2 - The only really good trick they taught, that I wasn't aware of it was: vegetables that grow under the soil when you want to cook you have to add it to cold water with salt; vetegables that grow above the soil have to be added to hot water. So, potatoes you need to put it in the pan with cold water and salt.
3 -  Cook the potatoes until the first bubble of the boilling appear. Then take it from the stove.
4 - Wash the potatoes with cold water, and clean them. Put them in dish/rack and take them to the fridge. Let them for about 15-20 minutes.
5 - When they are ready, you have to add them to the oil already hot at the temperature of 163 ºC (325 F).
6 - They are ready when they form a crust, they don't need to be golden, only when they look like crusty.
And here it is the final result....
    You know what I realize? There is nothing like the traditional food and the food of our grandmother's. Nothing like the normal french fries, or in thin thoothpicks, or in slices.  So you can try, and you can have better luck then we had. But  I won't to it again!
Sofia G.

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