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Mi-Collector:: Disney Comics

As I told you here, my oldest collection is probably my Disney Comics. And why is it so old? Because it started with my Uncle. That's right! This is a second generation collection, you can say so.
My family from my mother side, before I was born, moved to France, and lived there about 18 years. And there my Uncle started to like comic books. When they arrived to Portugal, he bought a lot of Disney Comics. And he kept them. Meanwhile, I was born and grew. If you already are a regular reader,  from the times of "Sleeping With a Cat", you know I'm a super fan of the Disney World. I had this ritual when I was little, that was to see a Disney Movie every saturday afternoon, and if some movie was release on VHS, I would already bought it in the morning with my Mom. Yes, you already guess. I have a great collection of Disney VHS. And my parents created in me the ritual of reading, books and comics. So somehow I read a Disney Comic and wanted more... I read all of my Uncles books, and he gave them to me. But an accident happen one year, and   in one terrible winter storm, rain entered through the ceiling and flooded the top floor from home, and some books couldn't be save. Just thinking about the relics that were lost... I start to get mad.
The times went by, and I always loved this comics. But the magic isn't the same, if there are not printings, and writing of new stories.... So, I had to bypass,  and get another alternative. Where I live, in the beginnig of the summer, there is an Book Market, at open door. It's so nice, to walk in the warms nights, throught the garden and find some great books. And I noticed, that one or two counters, had Disney Comics! So you can see.. I refill my collection. It's not the same, it's true. Some books I will never found them. But I won't give up.
Some re-editions have been release through the years, but they don't last a lot of time. I can say, that is because here in Portugal we don't have, yet, the comic culture. Which is a pity. If I had some comic stores near my home I would totally pass my life there... Ok not my life, but a lot of time.
But enought talking about books and let me show them :)
This are my youngest, I can say. Last December, after a long time of me whining that I wanted more Disney books (because some of my old ones, I know the stories upside down), they started a new collection. I haven't fail none, till now. Some weeks I forget, but I in the next I buy two :)
This are the first books I bought, myself. Some are old editions (the ones from the left and the first on the right) and some are new editions (the ones on the bottom on the right column). You have no idea the times I have read this books.
Even Sam it's curious about the stories on Disney Comics (if you follows us by facebook you can see another picture).
And the jewel of my collection are the uglys one. By other words, are the ones that some don't have  cover, others the pages are loose, some have ink (when we are child, we draw on everything...) and others have some holes made by little vermins. They are no "exposed", I have them closed on  a box, plastic box, very closed, to make sure that nothing happens to them. I want to make some altered honeycomb shelves to my bedroom ( I want to make a glass port as the same size of the shelve) as in A Beautiful Mess, to put the books in there. Some of them are the survivors of my Uncles originals, and others are from my boyfriend collection, that he gave them to me :)
One of the things that I like more to see, it's the differences between the drawings, and the error printings like colors exhanged. And of course, to read this stories. Most of the people can say " Hey girl, aren't you too old for this stuff? You have to grow up". You know what? I don't care. I will never be to grown up for this kind of stuff, and this is what makes me. And if aren't us that make us happy, who will be?
And you, have some comic book collection?
Hope you have a great start of the week.
Sofia G.

Sou a Sofia Gonçalves. 29 anos. Curiosa sem fim, exploradora de livros, advogada de boa comida, gestora de estados ansioliticos, caçadora de sonhos, escriba escrava da palavras da minha cabeça, pajem dos meus animais.

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