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T.C. 2013 [13-52]:: Green March

    Today it's the last photo from Green March! And as you can see a lot of amphibians pass here by (12... not so much amphibians). If the weather was better probably more flowers would appear, but probably more amphibians or reptiles would also appear. But we have to stick to what we have.

    This photo was taken in 2011, in the Casa Andersen, Porto, when I went to a workshop of Biological Illustration. During the workshop we had a walk trhought the garden, and stop were this little amphibians were. This Tritão Marmoreado (Triturus marmoratus) it's a female, and was very patience for this photshoot. And we can see that it's not the only green. My nails are also green, and you can see right behind the triton.


Sofia G

Google Reader

    We are going to make this quick because this is sad enough already.
    It's seems that google reader it's about to end, which turns our world upside down. It's really handy. But we have to live, and so while nothing better comes we need to handle ourselves to don't lost what we read from the blogs we love, and of course, for you not to miss a thing about The Daily Miacis.
    So the hypotheses for you to follow us, are:
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