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The Color Run Matosinhos 2013

    Smile. I were on the happiest 5 km of the world.
    I haven't run the 5 km, altought I have made all of the course to see as all the colour station would work. As I told you saturday, I was a volunteer to the Color Run 2013 in Porto, the first one in all of Europe! I had the lucky to be in a color station. And as a coincidence, which color it was? Orange, one of my favorite colors!
    I have no words to describe it. It was wordless, beautiful, funny, one of the best times of my life! If I had to go tomorrow, I would be there for sure. I had to carry 15 Liters on my back, and wet the people that pass through me. I can't feel my hands today, one of my nail bleed, and my arms hurt. But I don't mind because I love it! It was a time to be happy and forget all the problems in our country. We were for sure 150000 colored people dancing and running and smiling to a better life.
    I could talk but I wouldn't  describe it so well. So here are my photos. Yes I took my old camera, but she is fine! Don't laugh at my final state, I was so dirty that my nails are still colored and only today the dust on my teeth went out.
 Here we were, filling the tubes with dust. 
 Everyone ready, in their places.
 Trying out the dust.
 Filling the recipients that I was going to carry on back. That's water with orange ink. By wetting the t-shirts of the people that were running out, the tainted dust would adhere better.
From left to right: My collegue on my workplace,and our coordinators.
Me ready to go!
 All of the Volunteers of the Orange Color Station. We rocked!
 The view from the stage on the Fun Zone. So many colors!
The happiness of the children was remarkable!
Color Blast
Color Blast of the Volunteers
This girl was really wading on dancing in the top of the sound column. And she was a real good dancer! I wanted to dance like  her!
Phewww.. So many photos! I'm sorry for the real long post almost only with photos, but trust me I choose the best ones, and I wanted to share with you this great colored day!
Hope you like it, and if anybody been there share with us your experience!
Love,Sofia G

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