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T.C. 2013 [17-52]:: Lemon April

     Pheww.. this is the last photo from this Lemon April. It's was difficult to find something yellow. I probably have already said this, but yellow it's for sure not my favorite color, so I'm normally not atracted to something yellow. 

    This is a Keychainm from a perfume I had some years ago. In the beginning it had the smell from the perfume, but now it's missing. It's a flower that keeps my car keys.

Sofia G.

Abstract nº 17

Ha hum.. Hi? Yes, we are still here. This past few weeks has been terrible so we excuse ourselves for been out of sight. We hope you liked our review on Once Upon a Time. It's our favorite TV Show since it started. We don't miss an episode of that one and from "Game of Thrones". Who ever (if it ever) reads this blog, it's crazy for Game of Thrones?

We are such a fans of the Japonese culture, as you might have notice. And one day we  found this tutorial on how to make a bonsai. We were curious about it and it seems that it's not that hard has we thought.

Source : Wiki How 

Aren't this shoes adorable? The straps make them so cute.

This t-shirt it's perfect for the hot summers days that we hope they are soon to be back because this cold windy days don't fit with anything! 

Source : Aoki Store

This pendant from Jennifer Skelly Esty shop, it's so beautiful! We love the colours and the flowers. It's looks dreamy.

Source : Redparka
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