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Kitty and Buck Giveaway Post

    For some time we follow Shell Blog! She is a very stylish, outgoing photographer, gorgeous web designer and blogger. Her blog is mainly about her great life, and you won't for sure get bored to read it. Trust us!
    Lately, she went on a trip to Japan (so much jealous!!!) and now the last post are about it. If you are crazy for japonese culture as we are, read it because you will love it. She is showing Japan in so many aspects. If you also want chek her photos on her instagram. Now she has a giveaway with things that she brought from there. So we are here to spread the word!
Wish us luck!Love,Sofia G and Sofia S

Biocosmetics:: Introduction to the beginning

    Was about time for us to come back to our rotine! We excuse ourselves but it's has been very difficult to have a little time to write, and when we are free we are so tired and our minds don't know how to write anymore! We know tomorrow it's was Wednesday Review day but none of us could write. But next wednesday we will post our review, we promisse! By the way, if you want us to write about some book you want to read or already read and want to know our opinion send us an e-mail, or talk to us on our facebook page or twitter. We will be glade to review it if we already read it. And the same thing for our Friday Night Movie/Series review, just ask us and we will be glad to talk about it.
    About a long time ago, I told you I had come to a Biocosmetics Workshops. And (finally) I'm here to share some knowlodge to you. In fact it won't be nothing that you can already find in Google if you search it carefully. But I will share some details that we learned by the experience of our teacher. One thing I have to say: I won't share so many recipes as I should and could for two reasons:  although you can find the recipes on google they are given to us from our former, and most of the recipes you need to buy a lot of things. I 'll explain this last point.
    You see biocosmestics are made with things that we have on our home and don't have preservatives. That's the main idea. But for that good reason we cannot made them today and use them till they end. We have to make almost everyday, so in our everyday life we don't have time to buy that fruit or that ingredient and time to make the lotion, the tonic, the scrub, etc. They are good and healthy and protect the enviromment, but they are not pratical for our rotine. The best example it's the honey lipbalm we made. In the summer it cannot be with us on our purse because with the hot it melt, so it's not at all usefull if you spent the all day out of home. And some biological and natural ingredients are needed to buy that are not ingredients that we normally have like hamamelis water or essential oils. I think if they are biocosmetics they should be made has more homemade has they sould be, so no ingredients that you don't have so that you don't need to spend money. More biological as possible! This is my opinion. Nevertheless, I think whenever it's possible you should made some of them because they are less agressive for our skin and hair, and it's diferent when you are using something that it's made by you. I think that biocosmestics are good and perfect for scrubs and hair supplies.
So first things first.
Principal Ingredients
Fruits and others -  The main fruits used are avocado, banana, lemon, watermelon, strawberry, papaya, cucumber, carrot, tomato. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and depending on what fruit you use you have other qualitys potentiaded. For example, avocado is more moisturizing while the cucumber is more tonic. All fruits are rich in antioxidants but as we all know, the more red is the fruit the more antioxidants you have so the strawberry for example it's good when you want something for mature skins.
Oatmeal - It acts like healer, conditioner, dermoprotector, and moisturizing.
Milk and it's derivatives - The milk and it's derivatives have lactic acid that regulates the skin pH and acts like a antimicrobial agent. It's also moisturizing, humectant, skin rejuvenator and whitening.  Why do you think Cleopatra liked milked bath?
Honey - Honey has an imensity of qualities! It's nutritive, emollient, remineralizing, moisturizing, astringent, softening, antioxidant, and antibacterial. It's proper for dry skins and hairs.
Sweet almond oil - It's rich on vitamin A and B. It's acts like softener in the skin and like conditioner and restorative in the hair.
Essential Oils - They are organic compounds extracted from flowers, trees, fruits, herbs. They have terapeutical properties, like the lavander oil it's good to the stress or who sleeps bad like myself, or the cinnamon oil it's good in the winter when you are too cold. You have to have some careful with the use of this oils: if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we cannot use. You have to have some careful with the direct use of this oils on your skin, because you can have some allergic reation, so be careful. This oils on this cosmetics, it's funtion will be of potentiate the effect of the cosmetic. For example, in the foot scrub you use peppermint oil because of it's freshness. And some oils should be use according to your skin type, for example, Rosemary oil it's more indicated to oily skin and hair, but camomile oil it's more indicated to dry skins. You should play with the terapeutical end of the essential oil.
Material : 
1 - Blender
2 - Mixer3 - Fork
4 - Spoon
5-  Wood or plastic Spatula
6 - Recipients: they should be of glass or ceramic, but you can also use of plastic. For the tonic you can buy spray bottles. And for the lotions and scrubs you can recycle some containers that are from your jams.
REMEMBER: Spoon is for meisuring, spatula is for mixing.
As I told you most of the biocosmetics are to be made and use at the time. Some of them like some tonics and lotion can be keep for 3 days, but you have to keep them on the fridge in hermetic recipients, previously boiled.
So for today, it's enough. Next time I will share some recipes for tonic and lotions but only with materials that you can easily have in home that you use on everyday meal. It's easier and cheaper.Love,Sofia G.

Sou a Sofia Gonçalves. 29 anos. Curiosa sem fim, exploradora de livros, advogada de boa comida, gestora de estados ansioliticos, caçadora de sonhos, escriba escrava da palavras da minha cabeça, pajem dos meus animais.

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