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Friday Night Movie Fever :: Oblivion

It's seems like ages since I've written the last Movie Review. I know this review it's a bit late because the movie has been released for some time, and if you follow us on facebook you can see that I already shared something about the movie, but I really wanted to talk you about this great last sci-fy sucess, and the first of that type of movie I'm talking about here, my favorite type!
Oblivion (2013)
DirectorJoseph Kosinski
WritersKarl Gajdusek and Michael DeBruyn (screenplay), Joseph Kosinski (graphic novel original story)
Cast: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko
SummaryA veteran assigned to extract Earth's remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.
I'm gonna be honest, I hate Tom Cruise. There are a few movies with him that I support to watch it. The way he talks and acts, I just can't handle. And even in this movie there was this theatrical side of him. But was just a bit!  I went to the cinema with a little afraid but I end up liking a lot this movie.
It take us back to the science fiction of the 60' to 70's I think, where the world of sci-fy was growing! 
This movie have some highs and lows, more highs than lows. The great high, is that you will be spending the movie asking a lot of questions like "How will they explain this" or "Why this happened?" or "Why in hell there are only 2 people left in the whole world to keep the droids, and only one person get out of home and fix them?". But all in the end you will know, and it will end up a good story. It show us a probable future, with technology that we will probably use in the year of the movie. The lows are merely technical, like one error that my father saw : the guns are eletrical, but he still makes the gesture to put the bullets into the barrel.There is other that is related with the story that I cannot talk or I will spoil the movie! Other low, for some people, is that movie it's a little big, almost 3 hours. I don't mind but some people may not like such a big movie. But I think that the big mistake is that the world it's all messed up, full with radiation from nuclear bombs and there is almost no live. But somehow the character from Tom Cruise managed to find a place hidden in a vale, with trees, clean water, fishes, and built some kind of house. That's not so probable, I think. But you can see that I'm talking about so tech issues, so the movie, the acting is good! And the visual effects are great! 
One of the things that called to me a lot, was the future design. It almot all white and some pastels, with clean   lines. And the house where they lived was AMAZING! I wouldn't mind to be left alone in the world just for the pool they have. Watch it, you will know what I mean.
Morgan Freeman does a hell of character! As always! It's pity he doesn't appear so much. And Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the Jamie from "Game of Thrones" appears, as a super hot and talented sargent. I just love his face!
This story talks about Aliens, the future of the humanity, cloning, and to never accept as the only truth was we are told to. 
I think I haven't such a great science fiction movie lately, because I think this one take us back to the beginnings.
Hope you liked this suggestion. Have a great weekend!
Sofia G.

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