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Biocosmetics:: Tomato and Milk Lotion

   Here we are with our first recipe. What do I have to say about this recipe? It does not look bad has the name. You might think "milk and tomato?", but it's very good for your skin. Actually, when I tried, my skin after it was so soft. This recipe is great when you have for example one tomato only at home or it to mature and you don't like, so use it to make this lotion.
Tomato and Milk LotionIngredients :
1 - Spray Bottle2 - Whole Milk althought I use semi-skimmed3 - 1 tomato4 - Little bowl5 - Colander6 - SpatulaHow to do it: 1 - First you need to squeeze the tomato on the colander. And put the bowl below to gather the water that comes out of the tomato. It's that water that we are going to use.
2 - Add an equal proportion of milk. Mix it very well with the help of the spatula.
3 - It's already done! Put it in your spray bootle and it's ready to use. This lotion can be kept for 3 to 4 days in the freezer.    To apply it it's really simple. With the help of cotton disc, clean your face with the lotion. Spread it very well, and let it be for 10 minutes. 
    After it, clean with filtered water. I didn't use that, I use Thermal Spring Water from Avene, because that's what I like on my skin when it's sensible like it was this day. The lotion did help to get it a little softer. I don't know why, my skin it's very dry this past weeks, and my lips.
    FIY, this photos were taken by my boyfriend so it's a little bit difficult to be with a proper face when somebody it's making you laugh like crazy! I'm only sharing this photo because I love the t-shirt I'm wearing. It's so neat!
    Has I told you before, on the firt post, I'm only sharing recipes with things that you easily have in home. I have other recipes, that were on the manual that the former gave to us. If you send me an e-mail I'll be glad to share to you more recipes if you don't like this one.
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