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Kaiser Chiefs :: Enterro da Gata '13

Hello my darlings!!
Last Friday, I went to Kaiser Chiefs concert at Estadio AXA - Braga. They came for the academic week festivities.
And it was AWESOME.
I love this band, and it was the fist time I saw them LIVE!!
I have to apologize beforehand for the bad quality fotos. My cellphone doesn't have a great camera.
They start the show with "Thank you very much", and I have to confess that I thought that this one was
going to be the last one. Actually, I don't remember the last song they played. Shame on me!!
They sang a lot of known songs like "Ruby", "The Angry Mob", "Love is Not a Competition", "Heat Dies Down", "I Can Do Without You", "Everything is Average Nowadays", "Everyday I Love You Less and Less". When they sang "I Predict a Riot", Ricky Wilson climbed the metal structure adjacent to the stage. He's one crazy dude. He was always jumping, singing to the camera, and I really liked that.
I had a nice time at the concert, really really enjoyed it!! And if I have the opportunity I'll see them again.
See you!!
Sofia S.
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