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Mushroom Risotto

    Last friday, I did some Risotto, and guess what? I remember to take photos, finally! It was about since the post I told you I would share some mushroom recipes. I love to make Risotto: is quick, easy, heavenly tasty and a good recipe for vegetarians, because mushrooms are the vegetables with more protein content. So if you want something less "meaty" eat this risotto.
Mushroom Rissoto:
(for 5 pax)
- 500 g risotto rice
- 1 onion
- 1/2 of white whine
- 1 cube of rice stock (knorr)
- Olive oil
- 2 table spoon butter
- 3 table spoon of grated parmesan
- 400 gr Mushrooms : you can use whatever mushroom you want. Normally I use Pleurotus ostreatus because it has a more softned sweet taste than Shitake mushroom. Shitake it's more suitable because it should be use when you want to sauté something; Pleutorus it's more suitable for stew, but it's more tastier than Shitake, and the texture it's even better, it more fibrous.
- Salt
- 3 garlics
Now, I now I told that I hate recipes with measures in cups. But the original recipe (that it's not like this one, I changed some steps) comes in cups too, so here what you can do to the measures be right: choose a cup that can hold all the 500 g of rice, like that the proportions will be equal.
- Make a stewed of the onion in the olive oil. When the onion starts to be translucent, add the whine and let it boil till the alchool smell disappears.
2 - Boil water for 3 cups of water. Mix the cube of rice stock.3- Add the rice and let it snap for a while. Add one cup of the water with the cube, and let the rice to start to cook.4 - Meanwhile, you can start to salté the mushroom in a wook for example, with a little bit of olive oil and some garlic. When it's done let it rest till the rice it's ready.
5 - Add more 2 cups of the water with the cup.6 - 1 minute or 2 later, add the butter, and anoter 2 minutes later add the mushrooms.
7 - When the rice it's almost ready cook, add the chopped garlic and the gratted parmesan. Add the salt has your taste. Mix all very well and....
... it's done!
Hope you like this recipe.
Love,Sofia G
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