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T.C. 2013 [21-52]:: Pink May

    So this is the last photo from the Pink May. I didn't know what to post, I'm going to be honest, but then I thought how could I ever forget of these purse. I love these purse, it's makes me remember those old vintage baskets to picnic. And I saw her and bought her by luck because it was on the Tui outlet, on a strange purse store, and there she was alone, under of a lot of bags. And it only cost me 5 euros. I went so happy to home that day!

Sofia G
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Abstract nº 21

This sloth rings aren't the most cute thing on earth? They look amazing. It's looks like they are givin you a hug.
Source : Curious Burrow
Annatar it's a great artist that customize shoes. And you have now idea how awesome they are! She is so talented, that I want so much her shoes but I think that I wouldn't wear them only not to mess them.
Source. Annatar J. 
These nutella earrings, don't give you cravings?
We are crazy womans, for bags, ok? Who isn't? And tell us: is not this bag perfectly beautiful?
Source : Anthropologie
Summer is comming, or at least it's what it's expected for it seems in France it's snowing today. And last week here in Portugal snowed in Serra da Estrela. But let's hope that the good weather it's almost here, so these Ice Sabers would be so cool for the summer to do some ice cream!
Source : ModCloth
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