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R.I.P. Jennifer Lanosa DeVil (2001-2013)

    Today I'm not happy. Today I'm not bringing good news. Today I'll just say a few words.
     The day before yesterday my little girl, my friend of my teenage years died. You can say it's just a dog but for me it's not just dog, was family. My mom and dad gave her to me after a long time of me arguing that I wanted a little dog to me. They gave her to me with all their love and the love of Jenny. Since she was a puppy she was very bright, it's not just because she was mine. No, she was very intelligent, and she knew always for whom she was gave. If we acted like someone was screaming and beating me, she started to bark, and growl, showing all her teeths! She gave all her love she could give, that little fragil body with a heart of a Titan. I still remember when you create her name Jennifer (hot has Jennifer Lopez), Lanosa (because she had a lot of fur) and DeVil (because there was a ti e when her head fur had hallf blond and half black). Jennifer Lanosa DeVil.She made me company through the years of changing: basic school to highschool, highschool to university, national exames, zits, braces, decisions, the weekends I passed on my father home, my trips to the beach, my movie nights ( that she snored like a monster!), the family picnics. Even when I decided that she had to wear dog clothes. She was a love even in her diseases. I never post any photo of her here because for like 1 year and a half, a tumor on her paw was find out, and there was nothing we could do. She lived well until now, in fact she was the boss of Prince, always complaining to him, barking loud if a cat or someone came and he did not bark in time. Until now... I did even had the time to say goodbye. From one day to the other she was so skinny, disconsolate. My mom took her to the hospital and saw that she was weighing one kilo and something. We at first thought that Prince was stealing her food or that has she could not eat the croquets. But even after the weekend of pampering and dog pate, she was not fine. Tuesday she went to make an exam and that when they found that besides the huge anemia that we were expecting she had an enormous kidney failure. I did even had time to say goodbye, I only knew when I arrived tomorrow to home from school that she died Tuesday. Poor girl, today I hope there is a truly heaven for dogs. My Jenny.
    I'm sorry for the quality (and my figures...) of some photos. And that I'll be a little quiet for the next days. I'm a little empty for now.
Sofia G
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Sou a Sofia Gonçalves. 29 anos. Curiosa sem fim, exploradora de livros, advogada de boa comida, gestora de estados ansioliticos, caçadora de sonhos, escriba escrava da palavras da minha cabeça, pajem dos meus animais.

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