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Abstract nº 26

We love to listen to guitar sounds. These guitars mix nature design with great sound and a great handmade work. We are so in love with them! It's dificult to see which are the most cute! Just how cute his this ukelele? Look to those eyestalk? Looks such like a fluffy snail.

Source : Celentano Woodwork

This octupus necklace it's awesome to a navy-look outfit.

Source : Dolly Cool

What about these mugs? Mugs are that kitchenware that it's never too much. It's like cups, they are always breaking up, and there is always one mug that catches your eyes. Aren't this rad for a couple?

"Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?", Brain answers "The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!" it's what comes your mind when you see this notebook, right? It's perfect for the things we want to do, to left our name in the world.

Source : Steph Baxter

Let's enjoy this few drops of sun!
Sofia G and Sofia S

Friday Night Movie Fever: Mamma Mia

Source : Google Images
Mamma Mia (2008)
Director: Phyllida Lloyd
Writers: Catherine Johnson
Stars: Amanda Seyfried, Stellan Skarsgard, Pierce Brosnan
So my sugestion to a movie to watch this weekend it's "Mamma Mia". I guess it's nothing new to no one, a lot of people in this world knows what it is for the good or for the bad. I'm sugesting this movie, because this last days and the next, here in Portugal are freaking hot! And I feel like I want to sing all the time, and dance, and jump into the water whenever I want, just like in "Mamma Mia". Too bad I don't live on that island on Greece!
I remember, when  I went to saw this movie on the cinema, I went directly from the dentist to the cinema with my mouth and the head still dormant from the anesthesia, because I pull the wisdom tooth ( the second one). And I love it. I knew ABBA  and liked to listen to their musics, but after the movie, I spent hours singing , specially "Dancing Queen".
The actors choice was perfect! I think I would choose no better, except..... for Pierce Brosnan. I have nothing wrong with him, but who ever though to put him to sing? When I heard him sing the first time on the "SOS", I though it was on purpose. The all crew was perfect, and the screenplay, simple, but not too simple. The scenarios were beautiful, has it would be on a greek island.
My favorite character is Tanya, Leonard's mom from " The Big Bang Theory". Christine Baranski played a hell of a role, and what a voice she has! I believe she had singing lessons when she was young.
So I hope you like this sugestion, because it warms you just to see it and makes you wanna get out of home!
Sofia G

Medieval Fair in Viana

    On the same weekend of the color run, on my beloved town it was the medieval fair. It's nothing too fancy, I have to admit, still it's something that's unusual on my town. And it's a great time to see the town full of people and of life.
    I love to go to this little fairs, because there always some sellers with amazing handmade work. And this time, there were really great crafters! There were people that had gold jewellery, people that made clothes and shoes from the medieval times, there where even one tent that was only selling hats from those times. Amazing! There were a lot of food, but not so medieval it's true ( I don't see where a crepe with chocolat it's medieval).
    The air was full of smells, just like on those times, but not so bad. I believe if we were back to the medieval times would be way worst. The smell that was more predominant was the smell of incenses.. hmm :)
    I've gotta warn you about the bad quality of the photos. You see I bought (again....) my little compact camera, that went to the color run and now it's full of powder on the lens. I've gotta clean it up, but I don't know how. If any of you guys now how, please tell me!
    This year there were a lot of tents with medicinal herbs and tea! I bought tea from a nice spanish seller that told me this: tea whatever people may say that it's to this desease or to help loose weight, it's bullshit. The tea it's only for the flavour. Now, medicinal herbs, those yes do something. I bought him 4 teas : black tea with coconut, rooibos with vanilla, rose petals, and one called " Thousand nights of sleep". I don't what's on that mix but it taste so good!
    It was in this street that it was a seller that  painted on stones to use as necklaces or keychains. I bought one necklace for me and later one for Sofia S.. We love purple and we love dragons, on a necklace it's perfect for us. If wanna check out the work, see on this facebook page.
 The king and the queen
    Every year there is one tent that it's always there in the same place: the birds tent. I love this tent because we can be so close to the birds, but by the other side, I think this shouldn't be like this. It's a great stress to the birds to be like 3 or 4 nights in exposition, with a lot of people looking at them, making noises ( children screaming), with lights pointing at them. It's too much.
    This big one that comes next it's Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo), but we call it Bufo Real. It's the biggest of this genre that exist on Europe, and on the planet I think. This one was so quiet, so happy when it's owner would pet him. I wanna to take a phot with the Bufo looking at me to show you his big sweet eyes, but it seems like he was shy. So I only have photos with him on profile. Perhaps, he thinks its his best side :)
Love,Sofia G
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