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Abstract nº 23

Ok, the weather isn't that hot to wish for a fan. But this snail fan it's too adorable.
Source : DHgate
Lemon Freckles is so talented. And this brooch it's so cute, we just couldn't "bear" not to have it here.
Source : Lemon Freckles
Sometimes isn't easy to find that perfect vase or the perfect color vase to put on that specific place. This tutorial on how to put fabric on a vase it's a great idea. It's so easy and cheaper,  because you just need to buy the simpler terracota vase, and a little of the fabric with pattern/color perfect for the spot where you are going to put the vase.
Source: High Walls
This toadstool bookend it's made for you to paint it as you want. It would be perfect for the Game Of Thrones books. Who is still whining about "The rains of Castemere" episode?
I believe who already follows this blog from his earlys times (since January eheheheh), knows that I, Sofia G, tried to know what people think about snail mail and if wanted to make a postcard swap. No one cared about, for my sadness. It's just another magic to wait anxiously for the mailman to arrive, or to arrive home and check you mailbox. And have something that you can keep, and someday you open the box where it is and you have something to make you smile or to bring you memories. For my hapiness on this sad days that I have been lately ( and unlucky....), I found out, that Jennifer from Grits and Moxie started last month a monthly postcard swap! Thank god for this gal! Her blog it's amazing, and for those who love mediterranean views and nature, her blog it's perfect for you to sneak. So, this month I subscribed for this swap where she paired two people to exhange postcards. The postcards have to be within a theme, and this month it's art. Unfortunately, I didn't know about last month swap which theme was from where I am. I would love to send a postcard from my beautiful city, Viana do Castelo. On the top of that, I thought that like the theme it's art why shouldn't I try to make my postcards?.Yesterday, I spent the all afternoon painting this postcards, and it felt so nice! I didn't see the time fly!
I will sent two postcards: one (the first picture) to a person that I don't know about it, I will only know till 12 of this month, and the second (the second picture) it's for Jennifer, that who wants can send her a postcard, and of course I will sent her, for congrat her for this beautiful idea. If you love postcard swaps you are still in time to subscribe!
The back of the postcards
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