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Talking About : Buying clothes

    Internet helped a lot globalization. And we have an enormous, almost infinite offer of things. Sometimes I'm even worst on online stores than on physic stores. I'm like a baby, says my boyfriend " Oh I want this, one please give me this. Oh no, this is way more beautiful I have to have this". Really, embarrassing guys. But, to be honest, clothes, one of things that I love to see on internet I haven't buy once. One of the trends in blogs it's to do outfits post, right? And (although in some blogs I thing it's futil but that's another conversation and are really few) it's great, because blogs are for help, spread ideas, spread opinions, and outfit post helps people see the that piece on a person,  new pattern combinations, ideas for that wedding, for that dinner. And know about new brands, advertising! But, and this is my problem, what if the clothes looks so well on the person that you saw dressed but on you doesn't fit so well? That's my problem with online stores. I'm crazy for Modcloth, my gosh, how I would love to buy something in that store, but besides my problem with online stores, it's in USA and the shipping it's so expensive! I have a big constitution: I'm tall, I have hip, because I made a lot of swimming when I was young until my middle ages of teen I have large back and shoulders, and I have that little annoying fat that was created by the stupid low-waist pants. So I have to fit every cloth I were before I buy it. I have some problems on buying blouses for examples. I know that some stores have the sizes of the clothes or you can ask for the store owner, but it's not the same. That doesn't mean that I will never buy online clothes. And again, some stores have returning policies. But for me it's a problem, I will have to be honest.
    But it comes another problem after this. If I don't buy online I will have to buy on the stores next to me, right? But what stores are that? Multinational stores: Zaras, Mangos, Bershkas, Timberland, Throttleman etc.Some brands I love to buy there I have to admit, but it rises another problem: if you buy there you are helping for the clothes being produced in contries like Indionesia, China, and other countries were the employees are so cheap that they can work for a bowl of rice per day. No one can compete with that. We have to be pro local stores from independent small business. Internet have changed a lot and helped small independent business, which it's great. Now you will tell me " But it's way more expensive". Yes it is, but it was made by a person who loves what does it, made with quality products, made by hand, and it will help that country economics. If you realize, since countries start to built there factories on places like Marrocos, Indonesia, India, China, etc, their profits raised enormously, because they changed to cheaper labors that will work in precarious conditions, to cheaper raw material, and they didn't changed the final price on the stores. So imagine how many profit they don't get. Plus, you will buy clothes that have less quality than before. I see the difference. For example Timberland shoes. I love Timberland outdoor sneakers, and because of the problem I had on my left feet I have to have a shoe with a good sole quality. But this past few years, the sneakers aren't just the same. Some of them in a year they start to be with something wrong, or some stuff unsticking. The same happens for pants. I love the brand Bus, but their pants in the last 6 years, the pants are horrible, in a year they start to be scratched.
So what to do? That's my problem, and somedays I love a piece of vesture, I think of everything I say to you, and I forget it. But I believe that are some solutions:- Try to be careful to the stores labels. "Shana" it's a brand that their clothes are made in Europe which it's a plus for her.- Try to go for local markets that will have small independent business showing their work. Normally are people  that make clothes. And this have a plus also: a few people will have that piece equal as you.- About buying online, it's the same thing, try to buy on small independend business  and if you have problems like I have, go for clothes that you know the model it's an easy for you, that you will not have problems on that to fit you well. Try to choose an online store that have returning policie, in case that you don't want the clothes you bought.- Go to flea markets, or to people that are selling/exchanging clothes on second hand.
    It's not easy has it seems I know but I believe, that if everyone will have carefull when it turns to buy clothes small bussiness will grow, and will have more physical stores for them. Check Katherine blog "Of Corgis and Cocktails", she also talked about the problem of clothes made in your country and made in other places. She explains very well what's the problem.
    What do you think about this? I would like what you think, and if you have any suggestion for my problems and the problems of other peoples I will be glad.
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Sofia G
P.S.: Wish us luck! Today we going to the... MUSE CONCERT!!! Finally, after 7 months with the tickets bought we are finally gonna see them. Pitty, it's raining like cat and dogs, but it doesn't matter!
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