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Friday Night Series Fever :: Hannibal

It's FRIDAY!!!! Yay!!
I've been waiting to talk to you guys about this series. But I didn't know if it was going to be canceled or renewed so I've waited to see what was going to happen. Guess what? It got renewed!!
I didn't talk about it sooner 'cause I didn't want you to start (if you haven't start yet) watching this show and then see it got cancel.
Hannibal - Season 1
Creator : Bryan Fuller
Cast : Hugh Dancy as Will Graham
          Caroline Dhavernas as Dr. Alana Bloom
          Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter
DescriptionThe series will feature the characters known from Thomas Harris' novel "Red Dragon" - FBI Agent Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who were portrayed by Edward Norton and Anthony Hopkins, respectively, in the movie version of "Red Dragon." The straight-to-series order means that the program will not be run through the pilot season gamut, as most shows are. This will actually be the third incarnation of Harris' "Red Dragon" novel. The original was a movie made in 1986 titled "Manhunter," which featured "CSI's" William Petersen as Agent Graham and "Deadwood's" Brian Cox as Dr. Lecter.
Comments: There is so much to say about this series and the Hannibal story itself that i don't know where to begin. 
I'll probably start with the cast. Hugh Dancy portraits Will Graham so so well. He has that troubled face and sad eyes, a true hunted look. Agent William Graham is a FBI agent specialized in serial killers behavior  But there's much to that. He actually has the ability to recreate the whole crime and think it the way the killer did. He can describe psychologically the killer, or what he intents with the crime or why does he/she kills.
In the description says that this series features the characters of Thomas Harris' "Red Dragon". It does, but the story in the book starts several years after Lecter's arrested. In the show, the stories starts previous to his arrest, and how he became Will's shrink and helping FBI with the investigations. That happens because Will sees a lot of murderers and he can think like a serial killer, that kinda messes with his head so he needs a psychiatrist. 
But back to Hannibal, Mads Mikkelsen plays the character really well and though he's no Hopkins, he's an amazing actor. They way he speaks, acts, dresses, and the cooking,  he's a credible Hannibal. Really good.
In the series we also have Dr. Bloom helping profiling the killers. Dahvernas is good. She and Will work with FBI and they are friends-ish (there's a supposed chemistry). I liked her more in Off the Map. 
Freddy Landon in this series is not a man, it's a woman. A hot red-hair girl. She's a blogger. Really noisy blogger.Almost forgot about Jack Crawford! Lawrence Fishburne, an actor that we know so well, plays the FBI man in charge. 
So in the series we see the hunt for the killers, Will's battle with his deamons with the help of Lecter and another side-lines stories.
Not gonna spoil anything for you with this one!!! Is a must watch series. Especially Lecter's cooking ^^
You will like this series!!!
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