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Home Improvement

Hi darlings! So if you follow me on instagram, you already know that I'm on home improvement! For years my bedroom colors, were orange and chocolate brown. But know I'm changing! Wait to see it, when it will be ready, I will show.
I'm posting to say to you that this week we will be a little quiet because I don't stop and my pc it's ramshackle! I'm on my old laptop, that make a noise like a helicopter. But I need your help guys! I already changed my shelves colors. Do you remember this oranges shelves?
But know the orange are changed to the new color. But I still think there is something missing. I'm thinking of some beach drawings, like anchors, whelks, rudders. What do you think?
I think it's missing something on the inside panel. Sugestions? Talk to me please! :)KissesSofia G

Friday Night Series Fever : Suits

Hello my darlings!!
It's Friday!! Whoop whoop
For today's series fever I brought you Suits, one of the best series on TV right now. And this week it started season 3.
Series Creator: Aaron Korsh
Cast: Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter
         Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross
         Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson
         Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt
Description: In A Legal Mind, one of Manhattan's top corporate lawyers (Gabriel Macht) sets out to recruit a new hotshot associate and hires the only guy that impresses him - a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout (Patrick J. Adams). Though he isn't actually a lawyer, this legal prodigy has the book smarts of a Harvard law grad and the street smarts of a hustler. However, in order to serve justice and save their jobs, both these unconventional thinkers must continue the charade.
This series is awesome. Really, really AWESOME. It's an intelligent and sassy show. It's a show about lawyers in New York. Their firm is one of the top, Pearson Hardman, where Jessica Pearson is the boss, so to speak cause we don't see Hardman until late in the show. Harvey Specter is a senior associate on the firm and is in need of a new associate. Mike Ross was not a college dropout. He was a genius student but needed money so he was selling math tests and got caught, lost his scholarship that's why he does not have a degree. Mike lost his parents young and lived with his grandmother. But she's sick now and he's paying for all the care she needs so he accepted a friend request to help him in a business, selling pot. But it was a set up, because there cops waiting instead of buyers. Lucky him, the exchange was happening in a hotel so he saw that in a room they were interviewing future layers from Harvard. That's when he meets Harvey.Mike has a great memory, once he understands something he never forgets. Harvey's impressed with Mike's ability and hires him as his associate. Even thou he's not a real lawyer.So, the show follows the ups and downs of this lawyers.Although Harvey and Mike are absolutely amazing characters that you fall in love with, they are not my favorite characters. Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) is beyond doubt my favorite. She's snarky, fun and without her the show would not be the same.Hope you enjoy this show!!LoveSofia S.

Abstract nº 29

You can easily guess who choose this theme. Yeah that's right, me Sofia G. It was choosen because, the merchandise on the Comic Con about Totoro was so poor. Of course, they cannot have everything about everything, right? But still they only had little keychains and some plushes. What is that compared to this choices? (here it is a hint for the future changes on the blog!)
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9
Aren't the flops the most cute, adorable, awesome thing in the world? And what about the lunch box? Very pratical to take the lunch to work.
Sofia G and Sofia S

Central Comic-Con 2013 Hard Club Porto - Part Two

Ok, get ready. Another APP : awesome photo post.
The second day started a little bit strange and funny. When we were to check-out on the Hotel, before us there was a foreigner couple that later we learned that they were from Switzerland, asking for informations about the subway. When we arrived to the subway station there they were a little bit lost. We helped, give them information about how to go and how to come. It looks like the husband was a psychologistt that came to Porto to a conference at the Psychology School from the University of Porto. And (funny) they were from  Zurique but there cleaning waitress was Portuguese that lived here in the North, and after the conference they would visit the north of Portugal and they asked us for places to go. Of course, we said Viana do Castelo that it's beautiful and Serra do Gerês our only national park.
After this lovely metro chat, we took each one their tracks and we head Hard Club, but not before a stop at Costa Coffee ( I'm clean of caffeine since January but I was super tired....) to get a Iced Cappuccino. And that when things started to  get strange. The waiter that served me the cappuccino ask to me in english (don't forget I'm Portuguese) " A slice of chocolate, no?" to which I answer "ha???". Then we head again to the Hard Club and a man on the street with a strange look said to us, again in english " haxixe, marijuana, no?", and right after another man come to us ask us for charity, in english. We really should look like tourist. My boyfriend looks from the north of europe and I with a camera. Not easy, we laugh like crazy.
Back on track, comic con. We started this day by asking us the question " Where are the star wars fans and the trekkies?": Right after, our question was answered by a group that was Star Wars themed cosplay. But sadly there were no Trekkies. Perhaps next time I will go cosplaying Spock ehehhe. On the top of that, on sunday there were less cosplayers and I believe less people. Still it was a full day.. of dropouts. People that were to be on the team cosplay, gave up. Nuno Markl, another guest, didn't came (for familar reasons). Another autograph session, out. The problem is, they only said this stuff right on the top of the event. That's a bad organization. I get it, there are things that they can't control ok. But they need always to have a back up plan. Always. Ah, and who goes to the stage presenting or give some information should know the names ot the stuff. Still, it was a good day. I get to take more photo of rad cosplayers, and to relax a bit.
 Iced cappuccino
My earrings; aren't they cute? 
Someone dressed as my favorite anime character : Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece
Isn't she a cutie? *.* 
Buuutttt, my favorite character ever from the comic world is Deadpool with now doubt. I mean, who cannot love a crazy immortal bipolar mercenary that hear voices, extremely funny and sadistic? And there he was, together with the Harley Quinn getting Loki busted! Totally awesome!
After lunch and a trip to town, we came to see the "Musical Quizz" presented by João Loy. He is for sure super rad! He was funny helping the participants. And there were so much easy question. I mean who doesn't know "Skyfall"???? I know, the nerves of being on the stage :) But, in the middle of the quizz the event planner, the boss, came to say that it had to stop the quizz. And everyone like "What? Why?" and then everybody from the staff and the ones that were on stage started a flash mob with the song "Surfin' Bird" that stay on my head the all day (bbird bbbirdd bbbbirrd's the word).
 João Loy trying to help.. the music was from the Pirates of the Caribbean
After this again.. Some dead moments. We walked around the building, saw the stalls for the 4th of 5th time. Went to the room where it was the board games, And I then I saw the art wall. Oh my, I like to draw, but I felt so little in front of some drawings. Really, awesome! These people are real artist, they should be known! Congratulations, for these drawings.
After the dropout of the star of the day, Nuno Markl, it was the team cosplay. Only 3 groups were subscribed, only one group appeared. What's wrong people? This is and it's for fun! And once you committed to something it's to go. Not only because it's some constest that don't give you nothing important or because you won't be injured if you don't go, don't mean you can give up has you want. Anyway people could subscribe at the last time, still a few group went, but only one was really competing. So they win. But they deserve it! They were Darth Vader and another jedi that I can't remember the name but I know it's not from the Star Wars movie, and they were AWESOME! I have the video but it's super huge, I have to convert him. If someone want's (altought it does not have the end of the show because my camera battery died) just mail me I will send you! Dark forces rule!
And there it was for the comic con! In the end I love it has I told you despite the all things that went wrong. Next year if I can I will be there again, has a civilian or a cosplayer or even from the staff. I wouldn't mind  to help on this event! So if anyone reads this don't forget me next year eheheheh. For now I searching for new events like this so if anyone knows please tell me!
Hope you love this photos, but it's not ended. Has a biologist of course I couldn't left some animals and other curious things, so here are some few random photos.
 The seagull that fell from the nest. Poor thing, he couldn't already fly. Looks like it's a tradition among birds this year. FYI, the little fighter that I posted on instagram, died. :\ We tried to save him but he was too little.
 The Two lovebirds
Sofia G

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