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June Recap

And the summer has finally arrrived!Favorite Posts: 
What I Read: 
  • Disney Comics ( updating the new collection)
Movies & Series I Saw (new to me & already saw):
  • So this month I went to the color run and it was AWESOME!
  • I went to the Muse concert and it was unforgettable. Still have a lot of images in my head.
  • Speaking of Muse concert, my laynyard keychain collection grown by 2, one that I bought on the Muse merchandise ( so expensive!!!!) and another on the Color Run. It's against my ideal of not buying but this are keychains that I wont easily get anywhere, so I needed to buy.
  • I found an old collection I had and I went crazy, and started it again. I will speak about it here  on another day.
  • This month my pratical work on my master degree dissertation ended \o/ but now it's time to write!
  • I have so many new projects on my mind, I just pitty the day only has 24 hours! Some ideas that it will envolve the blog and some cute things.
  • The summer has finally arrived, but I got sun allergie this year. Not good. I was prepared to spent a lot of time on the beach... It's seems like I have to change my plans.
  • Remember last month recap that I told I'm waiting for my cervical cancer screening results? Still waiting.... I think this week I'll know something about it.
Sofia G

Sou a Sofia Gonçalves. 29 anos. Curiosa sem fim, exploradora de livros, advogada de boa comida, gestora de estados ansioliticos, caçadora de sonhos, escriba escrava da palavras da minha cabeça, pajem dos meus animais.

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