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Sophie's Choice :: Summer Movies & Books List

Summer is here! Truth is we have a lot of work to do with our dissertation, but we need time to rest, right? Besides, with days like today it's impossible to do whatever we can, because it's super extra hot today.
So let's talk about our summer entertainment! We hope we do have time to see/read a lot of them. Let's see in the end of the summer which of them we will have crossed from this list.
Let's see the movies that are about to be release this summer. In this list we only have movies that are released this year. Which doesn't mean we don't want to see another ones, for example, I, Sofia G love to see on the summer a lot of movies from the Studio Ghibli, like "My Neighbour Totoro" or "The Grave of the Fireflies" (actually if you haven't seen this movie, see it; it's extremely sad but based on a true real story). The context of these movies are on the summer so it's like we were on Japan on that time of the year, with all those views, sounds and smells. Other that are on the list to see is "Oz : The Great And Powerful".
On the top of that, we searched on the internet for some releases. Most of them we already got them booked to see, but some we didn't know like "Riddick". Awesome, right? We are super excited to see some of them like " The Lone Ranger" (who isn't excited to see a movie with Johnny Depp?), "Despicable me 2" (those minions are adorable!), "Man of Steel" (oh my, that suit is ... something) and "The Wind Rises" (Miyazaki for the winning!). I (Sofia S.) read Austenland (book by Shannon Hale) so I'm curious to see this film in particular!! And the same goes to Percy Jackson. Ah, some of these movies like "Riddick" and "Austenland" are released on September, but we consider September as summer. For us we are still working on the thesis (it's not vacations yet..) and in September sometimes it's a better time that in Ausgust.
(from left to right, up to down)
1 - The Lone Ranger
2 - The World's End
3 - Austenland
4 - Now You See Me
5 - Despicable Me 2
6 - Red 2
7 - Man of Steel
8 - Percy Jackson : Sea Of Monsters
9 - Pacific Rim
10 - Riddick
11 - The Smurfs 2
12 - The Wind Rises
13 - The Wolverine
14 - The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones
15 - Elysium
Now, let's see books! Some will be released, others are already out, and for a long time, the books that are on the list "To read" that don't have see the light of our eyes, yet. One of the books, one of us have already read, the other wants to read (who is who? :P ). One it's going to be released has a movie this year and so it's still in doubt if it's to be read or not. It's that situation: the books it's always better, but do we want to go to the cinema complaining how bad the movie was comparing to the book but satisfy our curiosity, or do we want to see the movie and wait a long time to read the book. Decisions, decisions...Others cannot fail! We are definitely two gals that if a monster came to knock on our houses, saying " Here there's a library to you", we would be happy for the rest of our lives (if the library was located on Japan, then will be juuuuust perfect).
(from left to right, up to down)
1 - Scare Crow (Crow's Row #2)
2 - Pulse (Collide #2)
3 - Out of Breath (Breathing #3)
4 - Reckless (Thoughtless #3)
5 - Ender's Game
6 - Wildwood Dancing
7 - The Sound Of A Wild Snail Eating
8 - The Philosopher And The Wolf
9 - Gabriel'sRedemption (Gabriel's Inferno, #3)
10 - Snow Flower And The Secret Fan
11 - Maya's Notebook 
12 - My Name Is Rapunzel
13 - The Fall of Arthur
14 - Half-Blood(Covenant #1)
15 - Acacia - The War With Mein
So, what do you think of our list? What are you going to see and read this summer? Do you have any good sugestion? :)
Sofia G and Sofia S
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