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Friday Night Movie Fever : No Reservations

No Reservations (2007)
Director: Scott Hicks
Writers: Carol Funchs, Sandra Nettelbeck
Stars: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Abigail Breslin
I personally don't like Catherine Zeta-Jones, but I have to admit I love her in this movie, she does play well her character. This movie, in my interpretation, it's about to not expect that life goes the way you want. No matter how much you plan, no matter how strong you hold reins, there will be always a bump on road, something that you didn't wanted or expected. But it always ( most of the time ) depend on the perspective you look. If you look other way you don't know, it can't turn out the best thing in your life or the happening that will change your life for better.
That's what happens to Kate played by Catherine when she has to adopt her niece because her mother (sister of Kate) died. And like if that wasn't enought change on Kate lifes, a total relaxed, good fellow, disorderly and others groovy adjectives cooker comes to join the crew of Kate kitchen's. How do you expect it will end? I cannot tell you but it's really awesome. It teaches to not be afraid of life, to take a stand and take a chance!
I like Aaron Eckhart but not on this type of character. I mean it looks a lit bit forced. I don't know. Still I wouldn't mind to have such a cooker on my kitchen eheheh.
And did you know (this it's not enought to our new feature) that Catherine Zeta-Jones, although seems like a truly professional chef on this movie, she doesn't even know how to cook a egg? That's true, was her husband that told to the media.
This is a good movie to see on a rainy day, with a bowl full of popcorn near to you and a blanket. It's a deep story, good to see and not too strong. You won't drown yoursellf in tears, it's not possible :) The sreenplay it's soft and the action it's passive but not boring.  Actually, now that I think off it's amazing how the vocabulary of cooking fits well on life vocabulary.
A! This movie has one of my favorite quotes ever! Wait to see it one day one our "Quote of the day" that we post on our facebook page. Follow us there :)
So this is my sugestion to this weekend once that it will be fresh for this sides. I will at a little comic con at Porto, my first comic con. It's not a San Diego, it will nothing like that and it will be almost only animes/manga. Still I love it and I'm so excited!!!! So you next week with some fresh news and photos.
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